Will broken links hurt my web presence?

The Damage of Broken Links

broken chainFor an auto repair shop, an online presence is a modern day necessity. And not only does your auto shop need to be found online, you need to have a good online reputation. One of the many things that can damage your reputation and your SEO are broken links. Will broken links really hurt your web presence? The answer is yes. But the good news is, there are ways to prevent damaged links from hurting your company.

What are broken links?

404 error pageTo begin with, what are broken links? Broken links are links that no longer direct someone to the page they should. When you click on a broken link you will receive a “404 error.” This error may have some text accompanying it (often humorous) to explain why the page won’t load, but the bottom line: A broken link doesn’t take a user to the content they wanted to see. And that, well that, is obviously a bad thing.

What causes broken links?

So if broken links are a thing to be avoided, what exactly causes them? No one intends to have a website with broken links, but it happens to a large number of small businesses. The following are all reasons for broken links or 404 errors:

  • Moving a web page and not changing internal links
  • Renaming a web page and not changing internal links
  • Leaving up old links to content that no longer exists (photos, videos, pdfs)
  • Leaving up old links to third parties that have changed or moved the web page

What damage will broken links cause?

Broken links will damage your SEO, your online reputation and ultimately your conversion rate. When someone visits your site and reaches an error message, odds are high they will leave your site in lieu of a site that works. People do not have patience online. They want things to load quickly and properly. So when you have even just a few broken links, you could damage your entire web presence.

How can I fix broken links?

If you have broken links, or perhaps you are simply uncertain of whether you do or not, the good news is there is hope. It isn’t hard to diagnose the problem and fixing the links is as simple as creating a redirect or removing old links.

As a part of our SEO services (both initial and ongoing) we will search to your site for any broken links, fix them and keep an eye on your site every single day from there forward to ensure you never suffer from the damages caused by broken links. Talk to us today about how a well managed web presence can lead to a higher conversion rate.