What Should Your Auto Repair Website Include?

What Should Your Auto Shop Website Include?

As the new year approaches with seemingly ever-increasing speed, you need to ask yourself one fundamental question: “is my auto shop’s website good enough?” Your website should be your most robust lead generator. 

Gone are the days when your website was just the corner of the internet where people could find out what your physical address and phone number is. While these are still essential roles tasked to company websites, their purpose is much grander nowadays.

Your website should be attracting new customers and helping your SEO (search engine optimization) rankings. So if you answered no to the question mentioned above or you can’t answer it, today’s post is for you. 

We are going to be talking about websites for auto shops precisely and answering the all-important question, “what should your auto shop website include?” And since there are multiple elements you should incorporate into your auto shop website, we will break them down in a list.

1) Blog Content

Starting an automotive blog is a form of content marketing, and content marketing increases engagement with your brand by a very significant margin. Having something valid and helpful to say will also help your website get indexed by search engines when their users make an automotive inquiry. Blogging is your chance to answer some of the most common questions people have about cars and leverage your technical knowledge to increase your SEO rankings. Plus, people will be more apt to patronize your shop if your blog content genuinely helped them. 

2) Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are powerful. In an era where people trust online reviews as much or even more than personal referrals, you can’t afford to leave reviews off of your auto shop’s website. But getting reviews in the first place can be tricky. Be sure to remind your customers how valuable their opinions are. Make it easy for them to leave a review by incorporating a Google review button on your website and in your emails. Print business cards with QR codes that lead to your review pages. And make sure that your staff is requesting reviews from your patrons as well.

3) Clear Service Descriptions

As a mechanic, you probably offer more repair and maintenance services than listed on any website. But you should do your best to incorporate as much as possible on your services pages and provide a concise description for them. Remember that people often ask themselves, “what should I look for in an auto repair shop?” before they go to one. Be sure to offer answers to that question by telling your potential customers what about your capabilities. If they just so happen to read a description of precisely what they need, you will have ended their search for a mechanic and gained a new customer. 

4) Online Services

These days, people expect to be able to book an appointment online. Not everyone can make auto shop research and book appointments during regular business hours, so do not lose out on any customers; you have to make sure that your auto shop website has an online appointment scheduling tool. Using tools like Acuity can make it easier for both you and your customers to book appointments. It also shows potential customers that you run a modern and capable auto shop.

5) Strategic Keywords

Doing your keyword research can pay off huge. Keywords are still a significant signal to search engine crawl bots, and using the right ones in the right way can boost your SEO rankings. They can also help turn your website into a lead generation machine. Find out the most popular phrases that people are using to search for mechanics and incorporate them naturally into the copy of your website. Make sure the keywords you use reflect the services you offer as well. Using Google Adwords can be very helpful in your keyword research.

6) An SSL Certificate

If you have an online appointment booking tool, your auto shop website will also need an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate is a standardized security layer that protects the data sent from a web browser to the server of your website. SSL means that no one will be able to see or steal any of the data that your customers submit to your website. Many people won’t even venture onto a website that doesn’t have an SSL certificate, so it’s vital if you want to keep customers. 

Professional Website Design

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