Tricking Google

Can I fool Google?

When you are busy running an Auto Shop you don’t have time to implement the hundreds of things Google wants to see in a proper website. So it can be tempting to resort to tricking Google. Many of our clients have tried this in the past and been left wondering “Can I fool Google?”


The short answer, no. You cannot fool Google. You may be able to win for a moment by trickery and short cuts. But in the long run, Google will catch you and they will penalize your site. Unfortunately, even some SEO companies practice bad SEO or what is called Black Hat SEO. These quick trips to the top are often just that, a quick trip. Google has spent years forming their current algorithms and they know every trick in the book. We talk to new clients everyday who have been scammed and abused by these shoddy companies. And unfortunately, the damage is often hard to undo once done.



Beware of the following tricks people try to use to game the system:


Keyword Stuffing

This old trick was once common place. People wrote their sites and stuffed small amounts of content full of their keywords. For example a site might read “Do you need an auto repair shop in Phoenix? Our auto repair shop in Phoenix is the best around. When you need an auto repair shop in Phoenix, look no further than us.” It’s not that you cannot reuse a keyword phrase in a fully body of content, it just needs to be natural. The above obviously reads poorly and is contrived to get a high ranking.



While this trick may have worked once upon a time, it no longer will. Google checks your keyword density and beyond that, they judge your content to see if it is:

  • authoritative
  • user friendly
  • error free
  • in depth
  • informative



Content that is contrived with keyword stuffing will no longer win the race. In fact, Google will penalize sites that employ keyword stuffing.

Multiple Sites

This is another tactic companies used to take. They created multiple websites for one business. Often these websites had different names for the same business. Today, Google researches your business and will find any dual sites. They check your business name, address, phone number and more across the web. They even use the information you register your domain name to check for dual sites. If you have more than one site for the same business, they will penalize you.

The Better Way

If you really want your Auto Shop to reach the top, you have to put in the proper work. That is why Auto Shop SEO is here to help you. We understand how much time and effort it takes to get to the top the right way. But the good news is, Google will reward you for this hard work. You will dominate online for countless keywords when you choose the better way: following the rules of Google.