Three Steps to Dominate Local Auto Shop SEO Ranking

As a local auto repair shop owner, you must have realized by now the importance of dominating local search engine results.  Local Auto Shop Internet Marketing has been used by many business owners because they know that many consumers now search the internet for the products and services they need.

However, it’s not enough to just have a website and it’s expensive to advertise online.  Local search engine optimization is the best way to rank high in the local search engine results. It’s important to rank high because internet users seldom check the websites that are not listed on the first page of the search results. In fact if they see what they like in number one site, they may not bother checking the number two site as well as the rest on the list.

That’s why it’s important to dominate the search engine results list. Here’s a list of some steps you can do to dominate the local search results:

Step One – Localize Your Website

You can localize your website by adding the following in all the pages and content of your website: your town or city, state, ZIP, contact information and other relevant information that will lead the searchers to your website.  If you are serving a larger area than your local community, make sure to include all those places as well.  Then use multiple keywords that are most likely used by your target market in looking for your products or services.

Step Two – Add Your Website to Online Directories

In addition to putting your contact information on your website, improve your visibility by adding your business information to online directories. These directories also appear on the search engine results with a list of companies that provide the products or services being searched. Your contact information may include your website URL, phone number and email address.
Step Three – Connect with your Customers

Most companies do this through regular emails (with the recipients’ permission), blogs or forums they can link from the website.  You can announce new products or services through e mails or discuss about them in your blog or forum.

You can also accept comments or reviews on your website which most consumers value because it’s their chance publish what they think about your products or services.

Are you doing these things or more to dominate your local search results? If you’re not consistently ranking high in your local search results get the help of professionals in Auto shop keyword ranking.