The Pros and Cons of Hiring an Auto Shop SEO Company

Search engine optimization is an essential part of an auto repair shop’s marketing strategy because majority of auto shop owners have realized the benefits of online visibility. The main question in the minds of business owners is whether to hire the services of an SEO company or to do the SEO in house.

There are some advantages and disadvantages you have to thoroughly consider that will help you decide whether to have a do-it-yourself (DIY) SEO or hire an SEO company.


o    Advantages
DIY or in-house SEO will save you money if the task will be done by you or one of your employees. In addition, you will have complete control over your site.

o    Disadvantages
Even if you have the time to learn about SEO, it will take a long time to be an expert.  If your competitors’ sites are set up and managed by SEO experts, you will have a hard time to push your site to outrank their websites. You are also at risk of committing errors in SEO practices that will result to your site being penalized. In the meantime, your site is many pages away from page one of the search engine results.

SEO Company
o    Advantages
Hiring an SEO company will allow business owners or executives to focus on the overall management of the business. If you chose the right SEO company, its expertise will help your business achieve the targeted growth and profitability.

o    Disadvantages
You have to find the right SEO company and to hire an SEO company will cost money. You should also spend time to discuss your company’s goals and to participate in the initial stages of the SEO process.

If you choose DIY SEO, it may take years before you gain the needed expertise. If you decide to hire an auto shop internet marketing company, call Autoshop SEO, the experts on internet marketing and SEO for auto repair shops at 877-445-2574.