Why Social Media Matters To Your Business

When working on digital marketing, you may be wondering whether a social media presence is worth the effort. There are several benefits to having a solid social media for auto shop businesses, from SEO improvements to auto shop branding. Here are just a few of the reasons why social media matters to your auto repair business.

Greater Visibility

social media for auto shopThe more channels you use, the more visibility you’ll have. Similar to hearing an ad on the radio over and over, the more often a customer sees your business, the better chances you have at a conversion. While each social media platform has its own benefits and uses, maintaining a few different ones can increase your visibility among certain markets. For example, the people using Facebook skew older while Twitter users tend to be younger.

Increased Chances Of Engagement

Social media provides a great opportunity to increase your chances of engagement with your target market. While some websites utilize blogs to engage with customers, social media is a more diverse and efficient method. From creating polls to posting photo galleries, your social media options are nearly endless. Let the likes, retweets, pins, shares, and comments give your brand a boost!

Increases Traffic To Website

Not only can a solid social media presence increase your engagement, it can also drive users to your primary website. An ad on Facebook, for example, can land on your homepage, or a Google+ post can link to your company’s blog post about tire rotation. These links can also improve your SEO standing.

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