4 Best Social Media Platforms for Auto Repair Shops

Social Media for Auto Repair (Blog Cover)

Social media for auto repair shops can be a polarizing topic. Some mechanics think it’s a waste of time while other swear by its value. To truly understand the pros and cons of launching a social media campaign for your auto repair company, you must understand which platforms actually provide benefits for mechanics.

In the following post, we are going to be listing the best social media platforms for auto repair shops, explaining why they are important for your marketing efforts and how to utilize them. Let’s get into the list of social media for auto repair shops which begins with the stalwart known ‘round the world…


Love it or hate it, you need to be using Facebook as social media for auto repair shops. There are more than a billion active users of Facebook so you can bet that people in the area of your auto repair shop are using it. 

  • Why is it important? – Two of the most important aspects of social media marketing are reputation management and customer engagement. The Facebook platform allows for both of these strategies. Successful auto shop owners have used their Facebook pages to engage their community with interesting questions related to cars. Questions like “Is premium gas worth it?” and “What is your favorite local road for a relaxing cruise?” are great examples of questions that can be posted to your company’s Facebook page that will get people engaging with your brand. And as you can see with the latter example, it promotes local engagement.
  • How to use it – Again, posting polls and questions like the ones mentioned above is a great way to use Facebook for customer engagement. Facebook is also a great platform for showing off your community involvement. If you attend local fundraising events, chamber of commerce meetings or do charity work, be sure to take quality photos and post them to your account with proper hashtags. 


Think YouTube is only good for looking at funny videos of cats? While that may have been the case in its inception, today the user-generated video content site is one of the most important platforms for social media marketing. 

  • Why is it important? – According to Word Stream, YouTube video content generates 1200% more social media likes and shares than textual or even photo content. People, in general, prefer watching a video over reading so YouTube is a great tool for engaging more of the market. And as an auto shop owner and presumably a mechanic, YouTube offers a unique marketing opportunity for you…
  • How to use it – Simply put post how to’s! As a mechanic, you have a highly valuable and marketable skill-set. Posting simply “how-to” guides on YouTube is a great way to get social media shares that broadcast your content across multiple platforms. Translation: free advertising. And you don’t have to spend too much time or effort to create valuable content with a high likelihood of social sharing. Think about posting simple and quick how-to videos like “how to replace a windshield wiper blade” or “how to check your engine oil levels.”


Most people don’t think of Yelp when they think of social media sites but Yelp attracts more than 178 million people a month. And yes, it is a social site because it allows business owners to directly engage their customers.

  • Why is it important? – Mainly because you can reply to customer reviews and replying to customer reviews is huge for reputation management. According to Hosting Tribunal, 89% of consumers read business’s reply to customer reviews. But more importantly, 30% of consumers value these responses.  To build local trust in your shop, you need to show the locals that you care about their experience. Yelp encourages lengthy customer reviews and you can reply to these reviews and address all the points mentioned in them. The ability to reply to customer reviews becomes even more important when someone leaves a bad review.
  • How to use it – In general, you should be replying to all of your reviews. When someone leaves a good review, reply by thanking the customer for their patronage and let them know that you are pleased that they had a pleasant experience. When someone leaves a bad review, reply by talking about the measures you will take to remedy the problem and address their specific complaints.


Instagram is a multimedia orientated social media platform. It affords a great opportunity for you and your shop crew to show what you are capable of.

  • Why is it important?62% of people surveyed report that they became more interested in a brand or business after seeing it in an Instagram story. Reaching people through Instagram, therefore, becomes an effective way to grow trust in your shop and your brand. Another reason Instagram is important as social media for auto repair shops is it allows people to see the work you have done, making it easier for them to trust you with their own cars.
  • How to use it – Post stories! Like crazy. Post videos of you and your crew. Post pictures of completed projects and cool cars you have worked on. Post any content that demonstrates your skill as a mechanic or your commitment to customer satisfaction.

How Auto Shops Should Proceed with Social Media

Social media marketing has revolutionized the way businesses promote themselves and bring in new customers. One of the most monumental shifts brought on by the advent of social media marketing is that it levelled the advertising playing field dramatically. Social media marketing allows the little guys to launch effective marketing campaigns that target local markets…themselves. That’s right, gone are the days of paying faceless advertising agencies and marketing firms to promote your business. Some of the most effective marketing strategies can be managed by the owner. 

This is great news for business owners in all industries such as auto repair. The auto repair business is an extremely localized one and social media marketing presents many effective solutions for targeting a specific area. But you have to know which platforms you should be on and how to leverage them for the benefit of your shop. 

Of course, social media isn’t the only route you should be taking on your marketing campaign. For a comprehensive approach, sign up with AutoShop Webmasters.