Signs of a Good SEO Company for Auto Shops

Signs of a Good SEO Company for Auto Shops

What is Auto Shop SEO?

Auto shop SEO is a process of refining web content to rank well on Google and other search engines. Auto body companies can rank their website, blog posts, business listings, and social profiles on search engines. The main goal of SEO is to produce auto repair leads for your business. Other benefits include branding, reputation management, and conversion rate optimization.

Traits of a Good SEO Company

Now you know what auto shop SEO is. But how do you find a company that can help? The best way is through Google search. Search for terms like “auto shop SEO” or “auto repair SEO.” The search results will provide some good candidates to choose form. Vetting each possible choice through online research ensures you make a prudent decision. Let’s check out some things to look for:

They Rank High on Google

Any company expected to rank your website should rank their own. That’s why searching Google for candidates is a great place to start. The top-ranking companies have proven they can do SEO. Their ranking doesn’t guarantee they will do the same for you, but it shows their capability.

They Have Reviews and Good Reviews

Auto body shops understand the power of reviews. When customers check out your shop, they want to trust other people’s recommendations. They might go to Google, Yelp, or a niche review site to learn more. You should do the same for your SEO company. Don’t trust the reviews on their website, alone. You should consult 3rd party sources like Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, etc.

They Showcase Previous Work

Seeing previous work always helps customers make decisions. Check out the SEO company’s website for a portfolio. You’ll want to see websites from other auto body shops to give you peace of mind. Your website is a representation of your business and a reflection of your values. SEO makes your website rank higher, but it won’t matter if you fail to impress incoming traffic.

They Understand Your Niche

Many SEO firms work with every kind of business. Though this doesn’t eliminate them from a list of candidates, it reduces their focus on your industry. Companies that focus on the auto body industry are more likely to help you succeed online. They understand what Google looks for out of auto shop websites. Not every industry has the same route to SEO success. Marketing companies who understand this, are more likely to help you.

They Offer Affordable Pricing Plans

SEO should not break the bank. Don’t be fooled by marketers who say their services require $2,000 per month. These firms don’t understand the simplicity of effective SEO. Auto body businesses don’t need everything a Fortune 500 company will. Look for services that offer an affordable monthly plan. You can pay as little as $300 per month or as much as $1,500. It depends on your needs and goals. But don’t ever pay more than $1,500.

They Don’t Trick You Into Long-Term Contracts

Beware of marketing firms who tie you in the long-term. Yearly contractors can quickly become a nightmare for auto shop companies. When the marketer fails to deliver results or meet expectations, you are stuck in the agreement. At Auto Shop Webmasters, we recommend monthly payment plans. You should have the freedom to cancel services at any time. This way, you keep the pressure on the marketing company to deliver results each month.

Moving Forward With an SEO Company

Once you find a company that meets each of the criteria above, you can move forward. SEO can take 30-90 days to kick in, depending on your existing online presence. Websites that have been up for years will see changes more quickly than brand-new domains. Don’t worry about rankings in the first 3 weeks since Google may not have even crawled your site yet. You can always invest in PPC with Google Ads to get leads while you wait.