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Website Design for Auto Shops

open signsAs the owner of an auto repair shop, you know the importance of appearances. You likely have invested in signs to indicate to your clients that you are open and a professional company. You also probably upkeep the appearance of your building’s exterior and interior. Perhaps you have even invested in some comfortable seating for your clients while they wait.

Why do you invest money in all of this as a business owner? Because first impressions are priceless. And people’s opinion of your company is heavily influenced by the way your business looks. Did you know potential clients will decide within 10 seconds of landing on your website whether or not to do business with you? That is why we have an expert design team who focuses on premium website design for auto repairs shops. Web design services are included in our SEO package and the quality design work you receive from us is for a fraction of the cost you would pay elsewhere.

Beyond first impressions

Not only does your website’s design dictate how a customer will view your, it also dictates how Google will view you. Web design is critical to proper SEO. Even the best content cannot save a poorly designed site. The following are all important aspects of a proper auto shop website design:looking at phone and computer

  • Properly coded: There is more to a website design than meets the eye. Google cares about the way your web design is coded. Our team is trained in proper SEO coding for web design.
  • Well structured: Search engines also analyze the structure of your site. A well structured site will optimize better than a poorly structured website.
  • Ease of navigation: Is your site user friendly? Or is it hard to navigate? Google will look at this aspect when determining who ranks on the first page of their results. They want their users to be able to quickly find the information they are looking for.
  • Time to load: How long does your website take to load? This matters to search engines. They favor fast loading sites.
  • Unique design: Many companies only give you a customized template design. We provide entirely unique non-template based designs for our clients. Google favors completely unique, custom designs over templates, even if the template looks customized.
  • Responsive design: Google favors sites that respond to the size of the screen they are being viewed on. We provide responsive designs that are easily read on any mobile device.

Let us help you

If you are ready to trade in your old, outdated site for a new custom design, give us a call. We will help you optimize online through proper website design. Auto repair shops are our speciality and our design team is ready to provide you with premium web design services. Don’t let your site scare away potential clients.┬áCall today!