Social Media Management

facebook likeAlthough as an auto repair shop you may not think of social media as an important marketing tool for your business, it is actually extremely important. Research has shown that consumers are over 80% more likely to trust a business that has a social media presence than one that does not. Social media can be a wonderful tool for your company when properly used. Talk to us about social media management for auto repair shops. We provide high quality optimization of social media for mechanics as a part of our complete SEO services.

How will social media help?

So if research has proven the importance of social media, the question remains: How will social media help your auto repair shop? Social media is in fact a wonderful asset to your business and can be used in the following ways to help promote your company:speech bubbles

  • Engaging clients: Social media is a wonderful outlet for engaging your audience. It gives your clients a chance to join in. By starting conversations with your clients you will create a more loyal customers base.
  • Add a human element: Social media is a more casual, informal platform than your static website. It is a great way to add a human touch to your business. People favor companies that have a human element, a face they can trust.
  • Local focus: You can use your social media as a way to implement locally focused postings. This helps demonstrate that you are part of the local community and builds trust with your company.
  • Informative: You can also implement good informational postings. These posts can give your clients tips on car maintenance, interesting car facts, etc. Informative posts demonstrate your authority in the industry and draw people back to your company again and again.

What we do

social media iconsWhen you hire us to manage your auto repair shop’s social media presence, we will begin by properly setting up all the necessary accounts. Then we will optimize your accounts so they are consistent. Finally, we will maintain postings for you on a weekly basis.

It is not only consumers who trust companies with social media more than those without. Google and other search engines also favor companies with a complete web presence, including a managed social media presence. Talk to us today about social media management for mechanics / auto repair shops.