PPC Management for Auto Shops

mouse by computerMany auto repair shops employ the use of a PPC campaign to increase their visibility across the web. If you are interested in a pay per click campaign talk to us. We provide PPC management for auto repair shops as a part of our SEO services. We can help you target the most important keywords for your local area to ensure you get the most for your money out of your campaign. Our PPC campaigns prove to be more successful than an unmanaged campaign. PPC may be a great way for your site to gain immediate results.

Pay Per Click vs. Organic Results

Pay per click, or PPC, is a completely different result type than organic results. Organic listings are not paid for, they occur based on the natural rankings of sites. PPC listings, however, are paid for ads that are ranked based on the bid placed from the site. PPC ads show up at the top of a page after a search and on the right hand side. These results have the word “Ad” next to them and every time they are clicked on, the company who placed the ad pays for that click.

time clockSo which is better, one might ask, PPC or organic results? The reality is they both have their benefits. An auto repair shop can definitely profit from employing a PPC campaign. PPC is a great tool to use as your web presence is first launching. While your organic listing builds, you can implement PPC to garner immediate visibility. Organic results take time to cultivate. You may not reach the first page listing overnight. But PPC is something you can pay for to gain placement on the first page. 

In the long run, organic or “free” results are the best plan for your auto shop. But at the start, we can discuss how to use a PPC campaign to boost your business immediately.

Why a managed campaign?

dollar billsWhile anyone may run their own PPC campaign, a managed campaign is far more beneficial for your business. We have experience running PPC campaigns for auto repair shops, so we know the best tactics to take. We can help you get the most for your marketing dollar. And we will be working simultaneously to increase your organic listings which will be the most beneficial for your auto shop in the long run.

Talk to us today about our PPC management for auto repair shops. Pay per click campaigns can help your business garner new leads right away while you wait for your organic listings to rise to the first page for countless keyword combinations.