All Things Google

Google Optimization for Auto Shops

king's crownWhen it comes to the world of internet, Google is king. And the guidelines they have laid out for proper optimization are the rules everyone must play by. If you optimize well for Google you will also optimize well for other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing. At Auto Shop Webmasters we are Google experts. We will help your auto repair shop with Google optimization by focusing on all things Google.

What does Google want?

The first question you must ask yourself is, what does Google want? Well, the answer is complex. Google wants a myriad of things. They have point blank told us some of those things in the guidelines they have released. But other things have to be learned through experience working with this search engine.

Google does want:

  • Unique designs
  • Authoritative content
  • Properly structured sites
  • Easily navigated sites
  • Natural content, not keyword stuffed
  • Proper inbound linking
  • and more

Part of our work is helping you set up everything related to Google. We will ensure you have the right Google Account set up, including local mapping. And we will ensure your business is listed correctly with Google. Every single detail matters to Google and every single detail is attended to by us.

The importance of ranking high

SEO Did you knowYou may be left wondering, what is all the fuss? Does ranking high on Google’s search results really matter that much? The reality is, unless you are near the top you will go unnoticed. In fact, most users never scroll past the first page of search results. That means you need to be in the top 10 rankings if you want to be found by potential clients. This is especially¬†helpful for an auto repair shop. You have the opportunity to optimize for countless keyword combinations which will let potential clients know about all the wonderful services you offer.

Talk to us today about all things Google. We will help you with Google optimization for auto repair shops.