Keyword Ranking for Auto Shops

Key words for auto shopsAs an auto shop you need a strong web presence to garner new leads from the internet. When someone in your area is in search of auto repair, you want to be found first. That is why local keyword ranking for auto shops is so important. Here at Auto Shop Webmasters we specialize in optimizing local keywords for a mechanic. By optimizing for these important keywords you will rank higher on Google and get more clicks which leads to more phone calls and more business.

What are local keywords for auto?

So what are local keywords? Simply put they are the words people type into Google’s search engine when looking for your services. For example: If Janet’s car has a transmission issue she may search for “Transmission repairs in Your City.” Or perhaps she will simply look for “auto repair nearby.” No matter how someone searches for your services, you need to be found. That is why local keywords are so important for mechanics.

When you optimize for local keyword combinations then you will show up on the first page of Google. And your company will pull up on Google Map Listings. All of these outlets are extremely important in our tech savvy world.

How do I optimize for keywords?

SEO Search engine optimizationOptimizing for important keywords is not a simple process. You cannot throw a bunch of keywords with your city onto a webpage. In fact, Google has become extremely talented at weeding out pages that are spammed with keywords. Instead Google looks for quality, unique content.

Your website should implement the proper use of keywords and your content should be backed by a complete web presence. You need a properly coded, easy to navigate web design. You must have a social media presence across all major outlets. And you need a myriad of details attended to on an ongoing basis.

Helping You Succeed

Our goal at Auto Shop Webmasters is to help you succeed as an auto shop. We provide ongoing content management after we set up your site initially. And we attend to every important detail of your web presence. Our speciality is optimizing for important keywords for mechanics.

Talk to us today about local keyword ranking for auto shops. We will help you dominate your local market!