Internal Blog

Blogging for Auto Shops

blog in lettersThe content on your site plays in a vital role in your SEO. We provide ongoing work for your site, including the addition of content on a monthly basis. One form that this additional content takes is blogging. Auto repair shops can benefit greatly from having an internal blog on their site. It is a way to increase your rankings and engage with your clients. We will set up an internal blog for you before site launch and we will continue to maintain this blog for you every single month.

Why is a blog important?

As an auto repair shop you may wonder, why is a blog important? Blogs are actually an important part of a complete web presence. But to reap the benefits of a blog it needs to be an internal blog. Internal blogs actually act as a part of your website. When you add content to an internal blog it is given weight by Google as a content addition to your site.

A blog is an important component of your site, and a proper blog should be used in the following ways:speech bubbles

  • To Engage: Blogs are a great way to keep clients coming back to your site. And if your clients continue to visit your site, you will be the first auto shop in mind when their car needs repairs. It is important to write posts that are engaging to your audience.
  • To Inform: When you write a post, try to think of questions your readers┬ámay have about auto repair. A blog is a great way to provide information about auto repair to your clients.
  • To Personalize: Blogs are not as formal as the writing found on your website. So they are a great place to personalize your website. The informal nature of a blog means you can add fun, locally focused information. And you can use this tool to add a human element to your company.

Don’t Hesitate to Call

If you are interested in an internal blog for your site, don’t hesitate to call us today. We provide quality blogging for auto repair shops as a part of our SEO services. We will add unique, custom postings to your site every single month which will help boost your rankings and build trust with potential clients. We look forward to helping you begin and maintain an exceptional auto repair blog.