Content Management for Auto Repair

old booksThe content your website contains will either make or break your site. Content is by far one of the biggest factors Google analyzes when sending a searcher to a site. If you want to rank on the first page of Google’s results, you need proper content. We provide content management for auto repair websites as a component of our SEO services. Not only do we provide brand new content for your website, we also continue to manage your site’s content on an ongoing monthly basis.

What does proper content contain?

When you create a website there are certain guidelines Google looks for you to follow. And in regards to content there are a myriad of do’s and don’ts. The following are all the things your content should be and conversely shouldn’t be:


The Do’s of Content

  • Unique and custom written for your site
  • Relevant to the topic your page is about
  • In-depth and information rich
  • Authoritative
  • Enriched with photos, videos, illustrations, etc.
  • Engaging for readers
  • Free of grammatical and spelling errors



The Don’ts of Content

  • Copied or duplicated from another source
  • Keyword stuffed
  • Lacking focus
  • Boring and hard to read
  • Doesn’t provide useful information
  • Irrelevant to the topic
  • Riddled with grammatical and spelling errors
  • Written for a search engine, not a reader


What we provide

old typewriterWhen you sign on with us, our team of professional, in-house writers will immediately go to work for you. Our expert writers will research your industry and location to provide you with high quality, relevant content. Every single page will be handwritten for your auto repair company. And the content will be properly optimized according to Google’s rules.

We have years of experience with content marketing for auto mechanicsĀ and our writers understand the auto industry well. We never copy our content and we will work hard to ensure every single page reflects your company’s values.

Then we will continue to write new content for you on a monthly basis. We add to your internal blog which will boost your rankings. And we periodically make onsite changes to ensure your content is relevant and up to date.

Talk to us today about content marketing. Auto repair shops can benefit greatly from proper content management. We will help your website reach the front page of Google results.