Backlink Monitoring

Inbound Link Management for Auto Shops

monitoring cameraAn important component of proper SEO is backlink monitoring. Inbound links can either provide you with a higher ranking or get you banned by Google. The difference is found in the type of link that is coming into your website. We provide backlink monitoring for auto repair shops as a part of our overall SEO services.

When you first begin work with us we will examine your site for bad links. Then we will use a process to rid your site of these bad links. After that we will continue inbound link management for your site every single month.

Why is inbound link management important?

chain linkInbound link management is potentially one of the most important components of backend website work. The small details that you cannot see matter greatly to search engines such as Google. And if you have bad inbound links (whether you are aware of them or not) Google could penalize your domain name to the point of being unrescuable.

To prevent this from happening, you need to monitor your backlinks. When you monitor these links you can determine if any bad linking is happening. Bad links include:

  • Links from false directories
  • Links from spam sites
  • Links from fake forums
  • And any other link from an unreliable source

The history of backlinks

quote about linksInbound linking has been used by Google for years to determine the authority of a website. The idea is that if your site is an industry authority other sites will naturally link to you as a reliable source. However, people have been abusing inbound linking for a long time by paying for “link building” from false sources.

But Google has wised up. They no longer can be fooled by fake linking and they will severely penalize sites who try to reach the top through these methods. Always be leery of a company who promises to boost your inbound linking and takes you from 100 to 10,000 inbound links overnight. Google will see this sudden increase as a red flag and inspect your links with their intelligent algorithm.

We provide inbound link management for auto repair shops as a part of our complete SEO package. Our backlink monitoring will help ensure your domain name remains untarnished and can succeed in online rankings for important keywords. Talk to us today about our premium, but affordable services.