Structured Data Markup for Auto

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At Auto Shop Webmasters we are always improving what we do and implementing new SEO tactics. We spend every day studying the latest in the field and working hard to keep ahead of the game. We have now added, at no additional cost for our clients, Structured Data Markup with Google.

So what does structured data markup for auto shops look like?

Basically, when someone does a Google search and your company pulls up, you will not only see your company name, address, phone number and hours, but now all of your social profiles will be integrated into what is called the “knowledge panel.” This builds an even greater trust between you and Google since a well rounded web presence ranks better than one that is incomplete.

This new markup is not being implemented by most SEO companies. In fact, very few businesses are tapping into this resource. For an example of what this looks like, open up your browser and Google search “Microsoft”.

social media iconsWhen you do so you will see the “knowledge panel” that gives you a snippet about their company with a description. You will also notice that they have social media icons beneath their company description for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube, Instagram and Linked In.

Getting your social media icons to connect to the knowledge panel about your business is done through a process called Structured Data Markup. This system we use allows us to manage your entire knowledge panel from description, to address, to hours to even social media linkage.

Bing Places

That’s not the only step up we give our clients. Although Google is king when it comes to search engines, Bing is also a major contender. We do not neglect your presence on this search engine and we are working hard to ensure our clients show up on Bing mapping by setting up Bing places and Bing webmaster tools accounts for all of our clients.

These are just a few of the things we are doing to keep our clients ahead of the game! Talk to us today if you are interested in learning more about our SEO services and Structured Data Markup for Auto Shops!