Why Reviews Matter Online

The Importance of Reviews

megaphoneIn today’s world of internet savvy consumers, online reviews have increased in popularity and importance. When a customer uses a service they now have the ability to share publicly and effectively how they feel about the services they received. Google, Yelp and other review sites are affecting the way people view the service industry. And companies without reviews are less likely to attract new clients. It should be a goal of your auto shop to garner new, positive online reviews to boost your lead conversion rate. Without reviews your business will look less trustworthy and well established.

The Use of Reviews on Google Maps

location map tagA major reason that reviews have increased in importance and visibility is due to the implementation of reviews into Google map results. When someone performs a local search and an auto repair shop list comes up with a local map, the reviews of these companies will also be displayed prominently.

Do a quick search on your computer or smartphone for a service in your area. You will see the companies listed with the amount of stars they have received on average from reviews. And there will be a link to the reviews people have given with the number of reviews displayed. If your company has zero reviews or a low ranking, you will have a harder time converting leads online.

How to Gain Online Reviews

Online reviews affect how potential clients see you, so it is critical that you increase the amount of positive reviews your auto shop has. The following are all ways to increase your online reviews:

1) Have the highest quality customer service: One of the best and most simple ways to increase your online reviews is to be the best at what you do. When you provide superior customer service, your clients will want to talk about you in a positive light. People love sharing about a place that went above and beyond for them.

2) Ask for reviews: This is a simple, but important tip. People often don’t even think about the importance of their opinion online. When a client has a positive experience, ask them to review you online. Train your mechanics to ask for this too. This also keeps your employees accountable for the services they are providing. Remember, although you can ask for reviews it is not ok to offer incentives or pay clients for reviews (this breaks the guidelines of Google reviews, Yelp and other review sites).

3) Continue the conversation: When your client leaves your auto repair shop, this should not be the end of your conversation with them. Implement important tools like social media, blogging and newsletters to continue a conversation with clients. This keeps you foremost in their minds and will increase the likelihood of them reviewing you online.

4) Use your reviews to your benefit: Finally when you do garner positive online reviews, use them to the benefit of your business across the web. We help our clients get the most out of their online reviews for SEO and lead conversion.

If you want to learn more about gaining online reviews and using these reviews to boost your SEO, contact the experts at Auto Shop Webmasters today!