What is a PPC campaign?

picture of ppcIf you have looked into ways to market your company online, you likely have heard of PPC. So what is PPC? PPC stands for pay per click and refers to the results that show up on the top of a Google search results page and along┬áthe right hand side of the results. They have the word “ad” next to them and have been placed there because of a payment.

Pay per click results are exactly as they sound, you have to pay for every click you garner through this campaign.

Is PPC right for my auto shop?

clock towerMany clients want to know, should I use a PPC campaign? The answer is yes and no. PPC is a wonderful tool for short term results. But it is extremely costly when compared to organic SEO over the long run.

We help our clients build their web presence so that they show up on Google’s search results by merit of a job well done. These organic results will NOT cost you when someone clicks on your website. Therefore, investing money in organic SEO is a huge savings in the long run.

However, organic SEO takes time whereas PPC is immediate. We often recommend a PPC campaign for auto shops while we build their organic results. It can be a wonderful tool when used correctly. Having a PPC campaign managed by an expert team like ours will provide you with the best results!

Talk to us today about PPC for auto shops and how we can incorporate this useful marketing tool into your overall web presence plan.