Portfolio | SEO Auto Shop Clients

business manOur clients continue to stay with us every single month even though they are not under any long term contract for one reason: the results. Our ongoing SEO services help auto repair shops rank on the first page for countless keyword combinations. This drives more traffic to our clients’ sites which in turn results in more leads. Check out our portfolio of SEO auto repair shop clients. These clients continue to work with us every month because of our superior SEO services at affordable rates.


Client 1: Rick's German Performance

Rick’s German Performance

Rick’s German Performance is an auto repair shop located in Atascadero, CA. They optimize for countless important keywords in their market due to our hard work on their web presence. They continue to enjoy the benefits of lead conversion due to proper SEO.

Check out the keyword searches that are happening on a weekly basis for Rick’s German Performance:

#1 Rankings

  • “atascadero brake repair”
  • “auto electrical repair near me”
  • “ricks german performance atascadero”
  • “brake repair”
  • “mechanic”
  • “volvo repair”
  • “car clutch”
  • “radiator repair”
  • “atascadero brake service”
  • “idler arm steering”
  • “idler arm”
  • “car fuel regulator”
  • “steering idler arm”

#2 Rankings

  • “idler arms”
  • “brake service”
  • “mercedes benz service”
  • “idle arm”
  • “us auto”
  • “car service”
  • “autorepair”
  • “german auto”
  • “clutch of a car”
  • “cars starter”
  • “car engine signs”
  • “car fuel pressure regulator”

#3 Rankings

  • “rick’s automotive”
  • “auto repair”
  • “starter in car”
  • “car clutches”
  • “auto repair atascadero”
  • “fuel pressure regulator repair”

Client 2: A&A Transmission

A&A Transmission

A&A Transmission is a Oklahoma City, OK based auto shop that is seeing excellent results with our SEO strategy and website optimization. We focused on high quality, high traffic automotive keywords to ensure that they rank high in local search results. Because of this, they have many top ranking keywords that increased the click-through-rate to their site and boosted sales volume. You can see these benefits too with proper search engine optimization.

Check out some of A&A Transmission’s top keyword rankings:

#1 Rankings

  • “Oklahoma City Transmision”
  • “Oklahoma City Rear Differentials”
  • “Oklahoma City Transfer Case”
  • “Oklahoma City High Performance Transmission”
  • “differential repair oklahoma city”
  • “Shift Kit Oklahoma City”