What is Local Mapping and Why is it Important?

With the proliferation of smart phones as the go-to device for on-the-go consumers all over the country, Local Mapping - Auto Shop SEOit’s no surprise that more than half of all the Google searches performed — of the over 100 billion searches total per month — come from mobile devices. While that certainly informs how we design websites for auto shops, ensuring that they’re incorporating responsive design to function well on any device, it also drives home the importance of local mapping for local searches.

A local search is the set of results that you see tied to a map when you use Google to track down a service or product. When you execute a search query with your city, zip code, or even “near me,” you’re basically letting Google know that you want someone nearby, and they respond in kind. As a business owner, you may be wondering how to get a piece of that action, especially given that most consumers will logically choose one of the top results to pursue for a transaction. (For perspective, consider that 92 percent of people who search online choose a business from page one of organic search results. There’s no weeding through pages of results happening.)

Local mapping and citations is how auto shop owners find their way to the top of local search results. Many business owners set up their Google accounts with bare-bones information, and don’t have the time to do much set up beyond that, much less establish social media accounts, Yelp listings, etc. We understand that there are only so many hours in the day, but these gaps could be costing you a lot of potential business because you don’t have the consistent, solid presence online to let Google know that you deserve one of those top spots for auto repairs in your service area.

If you want to get more vehicles into your shop and reach more customers locally, you can’t afford to skip local mapping and citation management as part of your strategy for internet marketing and SEO for auto repairs. Call us today at 800.377.3068 to learn more about local search and how we can get you moving up in those rankings so that potential customers searching on-the-go from their mobile devices can find you first!