Good Auto Repair Shop SEO

SEO Do’s

Last week we highlighted some of the components of bad SEO. We talked about the things that can get your Auto Repair Shop site penalized or banned. Auto Repair Shop companies truly need to be easily found online. When someone has car trouble and they need help, they want to find that help easily and quickly. If your goal is to be found by potential clients, then Search Engine Optimization is critical to your company’s well being. Check out the following tips that outline good Auto Repair Shop SEO practices.



Unique, Quality Content

If you want to have a successful site, you need unique content that is high quality. Good content is geared towards the reader. It should answer questions, be informative and be well-written. Google wants to send their users to sites that are trustworthy and authoritative. And your content is one of the major factors in Google’s opinion of your company. Quality content should also implement the use of photos, illustrations and videos. It should ultimately be exactly what the searcher is looking for.



Proper Web Design

Not only should the website you have be a unique design, it should be a proper web design overall. A proper web design will rank higher in the eyes of Google than a simple template design. A winning web design will include the following components:

  • Properly coded
  • Easy to navigate
  • Correct structuring
  • Aesthetically pleasing



Local Mapping

Local mapping is particularly important for Auto Shop company’s because clients are searching for a location near them. Setting up your Google Account and optimizing your local mapping will go a long way in reaching your customer base.



Continued Work

The work doesn’t stop there. Once you have a great website set up and ¬†your presence is starting to build, you have to keep maintaining your site. A site that ranks well is one that is worked on continually. You should have onsite and offsite changes. Your content should be updated and your blog attended to. Website work never ends and is a time intensive process if you are serious about ranking high and staying in that position.



If you are ready to take your Auto Repair Shop website to the top of Google’s rankings, then contact us right away. We will be happy to help you implement good auto repair shop SEO practices!