Does Social Media matter?

Auto Shop Social Media

Although as an auto shop, social media may not seem that important, it actually is extremely important. With the rise of mobile technology in our world, people are increasingly concerned with the public opinion of a business. A website alone is not enough to convince a client you are trustworthy. Instead, they look to social media for cues about what type of company you are. Auto Shop social media is an important part of a complete web presence.



Human Company

One reason social media matters to potential clients is that it helps your business seem more human. This is especially great for local Auto Shops. You can personalize your social media pages and implement local information that helps potential clients see you as a part of their community. In fact, research has proven that consumers are 80% more likely to trust a company present on social media than one who is not.



As you begin to manage your social media presence, try to use it in the following ways:

Engage your clients in conversation


Post relevant local information


Celebrate milestones for your company


Build trust through informative, authoritative posts


Add a human element to your company through personalized postings


The Search Engines

Potential clients aren’t the only ones who care about your social media presence, the search engines do also. When Google looks at a company they analyze not only your website, but your overall presence on the web. Social media is another way to prove you are a verifiable, operating company. They will give higher rankings to companies that not only have social media platforms set up, but manage them well.

If you are interested in social media management for Auto Shops, give us a call. We provide high quality social media services for auto shops as a part of a complete web presence.