Does Auto Shop web design matter?

The Importance of Design to SEO

You may have heard that in the SEO world content is considered king. But quality content alone will not move your site to the top. If you have ever wondered, does quality auto shop web design truly matter? The answer is yes. Web design is an important part of SEO. Without a proper web design your website will not optimize correctly and could leave a bad impression with potential clients.


First Impressions

As an auto shop you understand how important your business’ appearance is to first impressions. You probably invest time and money in the upkeep of your building. And you most likely have signs that indicate you are open and make your business easily visible from the road. You may even have a listing of your services inside your building with prices to make it easy for a new customer to find what they are looking for.


In the same way, your website design will leave a first impression upon potential clients. An old, outdated site may indicate to a potential customer that you are no longer in business. Or a hard to navigate site may cause people to leave your site in search of easier to find information on a competitor’s site. That is why we have a team of professional web designers on staff who ensure you have an up to date design that is easy to navigate for potential customers. Our goal is to help your company stand out from the crowd through a web design that demonstrates that you are a quality, professional auto shop.


Google Analyzes Your Design

Not only will potential customers garner their opinion of your company from your design, Google will too. In fact, search engines analyze not only the appearance of your site, they also analyze other details of your web design. We provide all of the following important components of proper website design:


  • Unique: Your site should not use a template design. Google favors unique, custom designs.
  • Fast Load: A site will lose rankings if it does not load quickly or has errors when loading. You need a quick load time to dominate online.
  • Responsive Design: Because people search on the go, your design should be responsive. A responsive design can be viewed on any mobile device with equal ease.
  • Properly Coded: Google and other search engines look for specific coding in websites. Proper coding helps Google understand the important components of your website with ease.



These are only a few of the important components we implement into proper web design. We will help your Auto Shop dominate online through proper web design SEO.