Do You Have These Auto Shop Website Problems?

Is your auto shop company website ranking high in the search engine results but does not convert its visitors into customers? It could be due to some problems that prompt customers to leave without any transaction. You may need to consult an auto repair online marketing expert to assess if your website has any or all of these common website problems:
1. It is not aimed at your market – your target market are the typical car owners who are on the average, over 35 year olds with a stable income, but your content addresses the  young, auto racing buff who are usually do-it-yourself mechanics.

2. It’s not customer oriented. The website is mostly about the business instead of ways to build relationships with the customers.

3. It doesn’t have a clear focus. It doesn’t highlight the shop’s strong points or specializations.

4. Confusing messages due to poor grammar, spelling and sentence structure.

5. Lacks the basic information commonly needed by car owners or drivers who need your services to decide whether you are the service provider they are looking for or not.

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