Content Matters to Your Customers

When your potential auto shop customers are looking for service for their vehicle, they’ll typically search for a keyword or phrase to locate service shops in their area. Everything we do at Auto Shop Webmasters is designed to optimize our customers’ websites so that they show up at the top of those search results. Modern consumers don’t spend a lot of time weeding through multiple pages of results, but instead focus on the first few listings. They may initiate a call Good Content Drives Salesdirectly from the results page if they’re familiar with the shop name or just love what they see. (Yes, decisions can be made on just the little bit of information returned with the search list.) But more often than not, they click on a few sites to peruse the information available about the shop.

And this is where content becomes key for getting that viewer to call your shop or swing by with their vehicle. If your site is uninformative, takes forever to load, or is simply page after page of “CALL TODAY!” with no other quality text, you’re going to lose them. While no customer expects a website to fix their auto repair needs, they are looking to your online presence to indicate an authority about the services you offer. Instilling confidence and a professional perception is what will ultimately earn you their business.

Professional Content Geared Toward SEO

Our talented team of copywriters craft unique content for every auto shop website that we design for our customers. We balance meaningful, informative content for customers with keywords, title tags, and page structure that we know will also appeal to search engines. This is how we accomplish Organic SEO, appealing to viewers and engine spiders alike.

If your current site is failing to translate web clicks to phone calls, contact Auto Shop Webmasters at (800) 377-3068 and trust our Writing Team to deliver the content that will keep your shop busy with new customers!