Client Spotlight

Auto Shop Webmasters works with automotive shops and mechanics to optimize their websites and improve the overall visibility of their company on the web. We work on many aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to make our clients’ sites rank well in Google Search results.

Leonard's Garage Site Snapshot

This month we are highlighting one of our auto shop clients, Leonard’s Garage & Service Center in Austin, TX. We’ve helped them by improving their online presence through unique content, social media, and local mapping. Leonard’s Garage now ranks on the first page of Google Search results for hundreds of keywords including the following:


  • mechanic near me
  • auto service austin
  • south austin auto repair
  • tire replacement austin
  • auto mechanic austin tx
  • mechanic open sunday near me
  • auto tune up service austin tx
  • transmission rebuild austin tx
  • auto garage near me
  • flat tire service near me


  • auto parts near me open now
  • tire store austin
  • car mechanic shop near me
  • local tire shops
  • oil change near me
  • auto repair shop austin tx
  • auto repair near me
  • tire shops austin tx
  • oil change austin tx
  • mechanics in austin tx


With our help, Leonard’s Garage & Service Center has seen increase in ranking for these keyword searches which in turn has brought over 1,000 unique visits to their website each month. Just in the last week alone they have received 230 visitors. Almost 70% of the traffic to Leonard’s Garage website comes from mobile phone searches. That is why we designed their site with a mobile-friendly, responsive layout so that customers could access the website no matter what device they use.

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