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handshake agreementHere at Auto Shop Webmasters we handle every aspect of our clients’ web presence. To give you a taste of what we do we have decided to highlight some of our current clients. This month we have chosen to share a little about¬†Frank’s Automotive in Sacramento. Frank’s auto shop is a specialty German repair shop and came to us for assistance in building their ranking for important keywords in their local market. Now they are on the first page of Google results for countless keyword combinations, including the following:


  • “German auto repair Sacramento”
  • “German auto repair”
  • “German automotive”
  • “how often to get your oil changed”
  • “a auto Sacramento”
  • “Mini Cooper auto repair”
  • “Porsche repair Sacramento”
  • “auto expert Sacramento”
  • “Volvo mechanic Sacramento”
  • “German car repairs”


  • “Volvo mechanics”
  • “Volvo certified mechanics”
  • “Volvo repair shop”
  • “Mini repair Sacramento”
  • “Volkswagen experts”
  • “benefits of regular oil changes”
  • “German car make”
  • “Mini auto shop”
  • “German car repair shops”
  • and more!


Just this past month they have had a 27% growth in their unique visits (not repeat visits, but people who have never viewed the site before). Over the past month they had over 600 unique visitors to their site and over 100 in the past week alone! We are proud of the place Frank’s Automotive now holds in their local market.

Frank's Automotive in Sacramento

And not only did we create optimized content for them, we also created a beautiful customized design. Our expert design team crafted this design specifically for them and the design is easy to navigate and mobile friendly! You can view their website from any device and find the same stunning design and easily readable content.

We also have helped them with their social media management, providing new postings every week to enhance their online presence.

Don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself here:¬†

And remember you can call us any time to get started. We provide content, design, mapping, social media management and more for auto shops!