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Client Highlight

Content. Design. Mapping. Social Media. Webmasters. Here at Auto Shop Webmasters we handle every aspect of our clients’ web presence. To give you a taste of what we do we have decided to highlight some of our current clients. This month we have chosen to[Read the Full Article]

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Upcoming Update to Google’s Algorithm

Mobile Friendly Increases in Importance With more and more people using the internet from mobile devices, the need for a mobile friendly site is only increasing. And in April Google will be updating their algorithm to implement stricter mobile friendly guidelines. If your site is not mobile[Read the Full Article]

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SEO & Content Marketing Explained

A Quick Guide to SEO & Content Marketing If you are the owner of an auto shop, you likely have little time to focus on  your web presence. And as you search for a company to help you manage your internet marketing you will encounter[Read the Full Article]

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What is a PPC campaign?

If you have looked into ways to market your company online, you likely have heard of PPC. So what is PPC? PPC stands for pay per click and refers to the results that show up on the top of a Google search results page and[Read the Full Article]

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The Mobile Trend

An increasingly mobile world As a new year begins, we look ahead to see what trends the world of SEO holds for 2015. This year one of the biggest trends in the online world is that of mobility. People are increasingly turning to their mobile[Read the Full Article]

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Dominate in 2015

New Year, New Business Plan With the new year upon us, are you ready to make 2015 the best year yet for your auto repair shop? Consider upping your game with a new SEO business plan. Proper SEO will allow your business to garner new[Read the Full Article]

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Why Reviews Matter Online

The Importance of Reviews In today’s world of internet savvy consumers, online reviews have increased in popularity and importance. When a customer uses a service they now have the ability to share publicly and effectively how they feel about the services they received. Google, Yelp and[Read the Full Article]

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Should your auto shop have a blog?

The Importance of Blogging If you have an auto repair shop, you may wonder “should your auto shop have a blog?” The answer is yes. Blogs are an incredibly useful asset for any company and your auto repair shop will benefit greatly from a properly[Read the Full Article]

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5 Red Flags of a Bad SEO Company

The Warning Signs of Bad SEO Last week we discussed the importance of hiring an SEO company to run your internet marketing campaign. However, many auto shop owners have been burned in the past by bad SEO companies are are leery of signing up with[Read the Full Article]

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