Bad Auto Repair Shop SEO

SEO Dont’s

What constitutes as “bad” Auto Repair Shop SEO practices?

If you are interested in learning more about how to properly optimize your Auto Repair Shop for Google searches, you may wonder, what should I NOT do? The following are all what constitutes as “bad” auto repair shop SEO practices. Watch out for these SEO no no’s as many subpar SEO companies still practice them.

Copied or Duplicate Content

Unfortunately many websites are created using copied or duplicate content. Duplicate content will not rank highly because Google is smart enough to discover your content is copied quickly. When Google sees duplicate content on your Auto Repair Shop website, it will be penalized for this copied content.

Improper Inbound Linking

Having inbound linking to your site can be a wonderful thing. If it is honest and correct inbound linking. However, inbound linking is often used as a spam tactic by websites trying to cheat their way to the top. This includes inbound linking from bad directories. These bad directories exist only for the purpose of inbound liking and are filled with poorly written articles, fake forums, incorrect social media bookmarking, fake comments and more.

Non-unique or Template Websites

Template websites are not unique designs. They are designs that have been used countless times and are not properly coded. They are often slower to load, contain poor site structure and lack the proper coding Google looks for in website designs.

No Social Media

An important aspect of Auto Repair Shop SEO is social media setup. If you do not set up your social media properly, it can hurt your Google rankings. Google wants to see your social media presence as a part of your overall web presence.

No Google Places Account

It is critically important that for local, organic SEO you set up and verify your Google Places account. This is all part of building trust with Google and helps them see you as a verifiable and authoritative source.

All of these aspects are part of what constitutes as “bad” Auto Repair Shop SEO practices. If you believe your site is currently participating in any of these, please give us a call. We will be happy to give you a free consultation and help you discover proper Auto Repair Shop SEO practices.