Auto Repair Leads

The quest for auto repair leads is something everyone in the automotive industry can relate to. But how can auto repair shops generate high quality leads in 2020? The best way to get leads in today’s world is through online marketing. Unlike traditional print ads, online marketing materials reaches an unlimited audience living an increasingly digital lifestyle.

Auto Repair Leads

Did you know over 90% of consumers use the internet to search for local services like auto repair? With the average consumer checking their phones once every 12 minutes, you can be sure that being represented online will provide the visibility that creates lead opportunities.

How Can I Promote My Auto Repair Business?

Autoshop Webmasters promotes clients through search engine optimization (SEO). When properly implemented, SEO makes your business appear on Google search results for relevant consumers.

Promotion and lead generation go hand in hand. Once we consult with you about business goals, expectations, and service types we get to work promoting your auto repair business online. A lot more goes into SEO than you might think, including; content writing, keyword research, website design and much more.

The #1 goal is to appear on Google search results for relevant keywords and search queries. Auto shops can show up on Google within organic results as well as the Local Map 3 Pack which delivers local searchers relevant nearby businesses. Achieving this goal requires a well-optimized website, designed for both search visibility and sales conversion.

Organic Search (Google’s 10 Blue Links)

When you perform a search on Google you see an ads section followed by a Maps section and finally 10 blue links beneath the Map Pack. Those 10 blue links are known as organic results, and were once the only result-type on Google SERPs. Times have changed, but the value of organic results has remained consistent. Users still prefer to click on organic results over paid ads.

Appearing in the organic results requires a strong website, logical URL structure, high-quality content that is relevant to the subject, proper keyword placement, and enough inbound links from credible sources to co-sign your brand as legitimate. How well you rank for a specific keyword will depend on a combination of each of these elements, as well as other various factors.

Google Map Pack Results (Local 3-Pack)

Aside from organic rankings, there are Local Map Pack rankings. Local Maps results appear in a small box above the 10 blue links and beneath PPC ads. The box typically includes 3 businesses that best match the user’s query based on their searching location and / or local keyword inclusion. Sometimes an ad will appear within the Map Pack itself, extending the number from 3 to 4 or 5.

Map Pack rankings are achieved with a different strategy than traditional organic rankings. The Local Maps algorithm is based on prominence, relevance, and proximity. You should optimize for prominence and relevance, while proximity is simply based on your actual business location. Although they are separate algorithms, organic SEO overlaps with local SEO. For example, a well-optimized site is going to help your Maps listing.

Can I Self-Promote My Business Online?

Sure, it’s possible to promote your company without the help of a digital marketing agency. It is even possible to do some promotion without a website. But the reality of the situation is that auto mechanics who are truly serious about generating automative repair leads online are going to make the investment required to achieve their goals.

How Do You Attract Customers to Auto Repair?

Once your online presence (website, GMB profile, etc.) are optimized for search, you attract customers to auto repair through calls to action (CTA’s) and conversion rate optimization. After all, an optimized web presence cannot provide value unless the visitors take action.

Call to Action

A call to action or CTA is a website element (heading, button, etc.) that urges the visitor to take some kind of action, like calling a phone number or filling out an online form. A CTA typically gives the user a simple and effortless way to contact your business. It works best in association with an incentive to take the desired action immediately.  A great example of an effective CTA is a clickable phone number within the text content.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a method used to increase conversions on a website or other web entity. A conversion is the process of converting a website visitor into a lead. It typically takes a myriad of elements to optimize for conversions. The previously mentioned CTA is once such example of CRO in action. Other examples of CRO include website navigation, user experience, and logical internal linking.

Social Proof

Customers consider trust the most important element of doing business. That’s why they won’t immediately contact your auto repair business just because it appeared on search results. To make them comfortable enough to complete the call to action, you need to prove your authority and credibility in the form of social proof. Showcasing your online reviews, testimonials, and client portfolio are highly-effective forms of social proof, and should increase conversions.

Buy Auto Repair Leads

If you are ready to generate high-quality auto body repair leads in 2020 you can call Autoshop Webmasters at (800) 377-3068. We will walk you through the process step-by-step and set up your lead generation campaign.