Should your auto shop have a blog?

The Importance of Blogging

blog and content managementIf you have an auto repair shop, you may wonder “should your auto shop have a blog?” The answer is yes. Blogs are an incredibly useful asset for any company and your auto repair shop will benefit greatly from a properly maintained blog. That is why our company offers blogging for auto repair shops as a part of our ongoing SEO work.

The following are all benefits your company can gain from upkeeping a blog:

graph of results1: Boosting your SEO: The number one reason your company should not ignore the importance of a blog is because of SEO. Google and other search engines give higher rankings to websites that are added to on an ongoing basis. When you post to an internal blog, you are given credit for content addition which will boost your SEO rankings.

2: Keeping you connected: After a client leaves your shop, you don’t want them to forget your company. Instead, you want to stay connected to them so that the next time their car has trouble, they remember your auto repair shop. When you add new content to your blog, you keep a connection to old and new clients. This keeps you in the forefront of their minds.

3: Adding a human touch: People trust companies more that have a human side to them. Blog posts allow you to add informal content that personalizes your company. When they see the human side of your company, they are more likely to turn to you for auto repair solutions.

auto shop4: Establishing expertise: You want to be known as the auto repair experts. When you continually post new information that demonstrates your knowledge, you become the local auto repair expert. This means when one of your client’s cars breaks down, you are the company to turn to.

5: Locally focused: Blog posts also allow you to share information that is focused locally. You can implement local news events. And you can write about useful tips for car owners in the area. People trust someone who is part of their local community more than a distant corporation.

6: Adding to your social presence: Social media is an important part of a complete web presence. Blog posts are a wonderful asset for adding to your social media presence. Each new post can be shared across all of your social media platforms.

If you are interested in learning more about blogging for auto repair shops, give us a call at Auto Shop Webmasters. We will help you reap the benefits of a properly maintained blog.