6 Elements of Successful Auto Repair Websites

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Your auto repair website is of vast importance to the success of your business, especially if it incorporates auto repair SEO. After all, nowadays people are conducting online research before making most of their purchasing decisions. So if you own an auto repair shop, you better have a strong online presence. But what constitutes a strong online presence?

If you take a look around the internet and look at the websites of some of the most successful auto repair shops in your area, you will start to notice a few common motifs: professional design, customer involvement and easy navigation just to name a few. The best auto repair websites will provide the information that the potential customer needs to know almost immediately as well. 

But, in the haste to get a website up in the first place, most auto repair shop owners overlook the most important elements for a successful site. Or sometimes, if they outsource the work, they don’t hire a reliable professional. Whatever the reason may be, it’s never too late to correct mistakes. That’s why we have compiled a list of the most important aspects of successful auto repair websites in today’s post. 

If at any time, you would like to improve your website and your marketing strategy in general, please get in touch with us here at Autoshop Webmasters. We work specifically in the auto repair niche and have the expertise to elevate your business. For now though, let’s get into the crucial elements of successful auto repair websites.

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1 – Specialized Insight

As a mechanical expert, you have a very valuable resource at hand all the time: your knowledge. In digital marketing, providing value to customers goes a very long way. Valuable website content is a form of organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Search engines like Google prioritize websites that exhibit a high volume of organic SEO which means that searchers are more likely to see your website at the top of the results list. So how do you acquire a high volume of organic SEO? A car advice blog is a great way to provide value to your customers and rank higher in Google searches. Share some of your knowledge with the people and you will see a good return on your investment. Be sure to keep your blog up to date too – Google loves recently published content.

2 – Schema Markup

Schema markup is another important element of successful auto repair websites. In a study conducted by Search Engine Journal, a website that included good schema markup (as opposed to one that didn’t) garnered 43% more clicks. Schema markup is also called structured content. It is website content that is coded to speak directly to Google and signal it as to what kind of information is on your website. Basically, it makes it easier for Google to pull your website for relevant information. Schema markup can include a list of your services, customer reviews, a map displaying your shop’s location, itemized lists, how-to guides, answers to common automotive questions, and more. Schema markup is becoming increasingly important in search engine ranking so your website shouldn’t be without it.

3 – Check-Ins

Social media check-ins are present on a lot of the most successful auto repair websites because they drive customer engagement. Social media check-ins allow customers’ friends and family to see that your shop is trustworthy and it is a great way to get your name out to more potential customers. To incentivize customer check-ins, you can offer discounts on your services or priority attention.

4 – Reviews

Customer reviews are one of the most important features of any business website – auto repair shops are no exception. When a customer visits your site, they should have plenty of customer reviews to read over. That’s because 72% of customers won’t even consider your business if it does not have any reviews. People trust reviews because they are a reflection of what they can expect from your business. Reviews also contribute to organic SEO which again, can help you rank higher on Google searches. As much as 70% of customers actually leave reviews if they have been asked so don’t be afraid to ask satisfied patrons to share a few words about their experience with your business.

5 – Ease of Use / Access

The average person does not spend a lot of time on a single website. In fact, according to a Sevell article, the average amount of time a consumer spends on a website is only 45 seconds. That means all your important information should be easily legible on your home page. People want to know where your shop is, what kind of work you do, what your hours of operation are, and what your phone number is. If they have to work too hard to find all that info, they are likely to move on to the next search result.

6 – Navigability

Is your website easy to navigate? Does it load fast? What about on mobile devices? There are plenty of options out there so consumers won’t waste time trying to fumble their way through your website if it loads slowly or is structured in a confusing manner. Likewise, your mobile site should be optimized for navigation from phones and tablets. And mobile isn’t going anywhere. An astounding 80% of consumers have browsed the web with a mobile device and an estimated 40% of all online business transactions were done over a mobile device in 2019. You simply cannot afford to have an unprofessional website – mobile or otherwise.

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Knowing these important website elements is only half the battle. Not every auto shop owner who reads this post will be able to implement these strategies on their own. But that’s why we’re here. We can help you implement these and other proven strategies not only for the improvement of your website conversion; but for the long-term success of your business. Let us here at Autoshop Webmasters help you.