Auto Repair Shop GMB Categories (2021 Updated List)

Auto Repair Shop GMB Categories

Google My Business is one of the most potent weapons in your SEO battle. One survey found that 64% of consumers use Google My Business to find or research businesses in their area. In addition, a Google My Business listing will help you show up on the first page of the Search Engine Results pages.

However, it’s not enough to simply have your business listed on GMB: you must optimize it for the best possible performance. Google My Business optimization is its own sub-category of SEO. If you run an auto repair shop, you may be confused when selecting your business categories. In many cases, people go wrong and fail to optimize their GMB listing by choosing the wrong category since there are several options in the auto repair industry.

In the following post, AutoShop Webmasters will be overviewing the Google My Business categories relevant for auto repair shops. 

List of Google My Business Categories for Auto Repair

GMB Categories
Auto body parts supplier
Auto body shop
Auto dent removal service
Auto electrical service
Auto glass shop
Auto machine shop
Auto parts store
Auto radiator repair service
Auto repair shop
Auto restoration service
Auto spring shop
Auto sunroof shop
Auto tune up service
Auto upholsterer
Auto wrecker
Brake shop
Car battery store
Car inspection station
Car service
Diesel engine repair service
Hub cap supplier
Hydraulic repair service
Motorcycle repair shop
Muffler shop
Oil change service
Propane supplier
Radiator repair service
Radiator shop
RV Repair Shop
Small engine repair service
Smog inspection station
Tire shop
Towing service
Tractor repair shop
Trailer repair shop
Transmission shop
Truck repair shop
Used auto parts store
Used tire shop
Wheel alignment service
Wheel store

A Guide to GMB Categories

When you first set up your GMB page, one of the steps is to select categories that are relevant to your business. These categories help Google sort through the millions of business listings on their platform and help users find information pertinent to their interests. You can have one main category on your listing and up to 9 sub-categories. But why are the sub-categories important?

The more categories you have, the more chances you will have to show up on searches. It’s sort of like casting a wider net in the ocean – it gives you a better chance of catching more fish. So choosing the maximum amount of Google My Business secondary categories will help increase your online exposure. 

However, you have to choose wisely. There are actually a lot of GMB secondary categories that have to do with the automotive industry, and not all of them will be useful for you. The secondary categories are primarily for niche or specialty services. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to look over all of them. 

For instance, your bread and butter may be straight auto repair. However, you may also offer a toe service for your customers. For example, one of the GMB sub-categories under auto repair is “Towing Service,” an excellent sub-category if you offer towing services. 

Other sub-categories include tractor repair, auto wrecker, glass repair service, transmission shop, smog inspection station, muffler shop, junkyard, motorcycle repair shop, radiator shop, RV repair shop, brake shop, car service, hub cap supplier, and much more. 

Auto Repair Shop GMB Categories Do’s and Dont’s

The sheer volume of auto repair shop GMB categories is enough to make your head spin. But this is no time to leave your senses. Here are some good practices when selecting your categories:

  • Select the Most Relevant Main Category: Be as accurate as possible when selecting the main category. You only get one and it will largely determine when and how your GMB listing is indexed. 
  • Select As Many Sub-Categories as Possible: Again, doing so is like casting a wider net. And you want to attract as many customers as possible, don’t you?
  • Select Categories that Match your Keywords: A good SEO practice is careful keyword research and selection. Some of your keywords will line up with the names of the sub-categories you choose; some won’t. Whenever possible, select the sub-categories that match your keywords or ones close to them. 

Of course, there are some things you should not do when selecting your auto repair shop GMB categories:

  • Don’t Choose Irrelevant Categories: This is the most important one. Google doesn’t like false information. Don’t choose a sub-category that has nothing to do with the services you provide. 
  • Don’t Over-Select: While you should choose as many relevant categories as possible, it’s perfectly fine if you can’t rightly select 9. If you only offer a few services, don’t worry about it. Accuracy is more important than volume in this case.