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What is Local Mapping and Why is it Important?

With the proliferation of smart phones as the go-to device for on-the-go consumers all over the country, Local Mapping - Auto Shop SEOit’s no surprise that more than half of all the Google searches performed — of the over 100 billion searches total per month — come from mobile devices. While that certainly informs how we design websites for auto shops, ensuring that they’re incorporating responsive design to function well on any device, it also drives home the importance of local mapping for local searches.

A local search is the set of results that you see tied to a map when you use Google to track down a service or product. When you execute a search query with your city, zip code, or even “near me,” you’re basically letting Google know that you want someone nearby, and they respond in kind. As a business owner, you may be wondering how to get a piece of that action, especially given that most consumers will logically choose one of the top results to pursue for a transaction. (For perspective, consider that 92 percent of people who search online choose a business from page one of organic search results. There’s no weeding through pages of results happening.)

Local mapping and citations is how auto shop owners find their way to the top of local search results. Many business owners set up their Google accounts with bare-bones information, and don’t have the time to do much set up beyond that, much less establish social media accounts, Yelp listings, etc. We understand that there are only so many hours in the day, but these gaps could be costing you a lot of potential business because you don’t have the consistent, solid presence online to let Google know that you deserve one of those top spots for auto repairs in your service area.

If you want to get more vehicles into your shop and reach more customers locally, you can’t afford to skip local mapping and citation management as part of your strategy for internet marketing and SEO for auto repairs. Call us today at 800.377.3068 to learn more about local search and how we can get you moving up in those rankings so that potential customers searching on-the-go from their mobile devices can find you first!

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Client Spotlight

Auto Shop Webmasters works with automotive shops and mechanics to optimize their websites and improve the overall visibility of their company on the web. We work on many aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to make our clients’ sites rank well in Google Search results.

Leonard's Garage Site Snapshot

This month we are highlighting one of our auto shop clients, Leonard’s Garage & Service Center in Austin, TX. We’ve helped them by improving their online presence through unique content, social media, and local mapping. Leonard’s Garage now ranks on the first page of Google Search results for hundreds of keywords including the following:


  • mechanic near me
  • auto service austin
  • south austin auto repair
  • tire replacement austin
  • auto mechanic austin tx
  • mechanic open sunday near me
  • auto tune up service austin tx
  • transmission rebuild austin tx
  • auto garage near me
  • flat tire service near me


  • auto parts near me open now
  • tire store austin
  • car mechanic shop near me
  • local tire shops
  • oil change near me
  • auto repair shop austin tx
  • auto repair near me
  • tire shops austin tx
  • oil change austin tx
  • mechanics in austin tx


With our help, Leonard’s Garage & Service Center has seen increase in ranking for these keyword searches which in turn has brought over 1,000 unique visits to their website each month. Just in the last week alone they have received 230 visitors. Almost 70% of the traffic to Leonard’s Garage website comes from mobile phone searches. That is why we designed their site with a mobile-friendly, responsive layout so that customers could access the website no matter what device they use.

Does your website need an upgrade?  If your online presence is not attracting new business, contact Auto Shop Webmasters today at (800) 377-3068. Our team of designers, writers, programmers and social media experts can improve the visibility of your website to increase your sales.

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Content Matters to Your Customers

When your potential auto shop customers are looking for service for their vehicle, they’ll typically search for a keyword or phrase to locate service shops in their area. Everything we do at Auto Shop Webmasters is designed to optimize our customers’ websites so that they show up at the top of those search results. Modern consumers don’t spend a lot of time weeding through multiple pages of results, but instead focus on the first few listings. They may initiate a call Good Content Drives Salesdirectly from the results page if they’re familiar with the shop name or just love what they see. (Yes, decisions can be made on just the little bit of information returned with the search list.) But more often than not, they click on a few sites to peruse the information available about the shop.

And this is where content becomes key for getting that viewer to call your shop or swing by with their vehicle. If your site is uninformative, takes forever to load, or is simply page after page of “CALL TODAY!” with no other quality text, you’re going to lose them. While no customer expects a website to fix their auto repair needs, they are looking to your online presence to indicate an authority about the services you offer. Instilling confidence and a professional perception is what will ultimately earn you their business.

Professional Content Geared Toward SEO

Our talented team of copywriters craft unique content for every auto shop website that we design for our customers. We balance meaningful, informative content for customers with keywords, title tags, and page structure that we know will also appeal to search engines. This is how we accomplish Organic SEO, appealing to viewers and engine spiders alike.

If your current site is failing to translate web clicks to phone calls, contact Auto Shop Webmasters at (800) 377-3068 and trust our Writing Team to deliver the content that will keep your shop busy with new customers!

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End of Year Special

Call today at 1.800.377.3068

autoshop special

Are you tired of missing out on business to your auto shop because no one can find you online? Do you want to dominate over your local competition by ranking high on all major search engines? Then call us today and take advantage of our outstanding year end special!

For a limited time only we are offering zero set up fees and waiving our $1500 activation fee! We require no long term agreement when you sign up under this deal and you can lock in right away by calling our team today!

When you work with us you will receive work in all of the following categories:

  • Design
  • Content
  • Mapping
  • Social Media
  • General Webmaster Labor

Simply put, we handle your entire online presence. We start from scratch and every component we provide from design to content is unique and hand crafted for your specific company.

Through a wide array of labor each month, we will work to ensure your auto shop’s website is seen by potential clients. Our goal is for your phone to ring and your shop to be packed with new customers. Our work covers a huge array of details, so pick up the phone and call us today for a free consultation. We will discuss the specifics of what we can do for your auto shop and create the optimal plan for you.

Call today before our Year End Special expires!

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Client Highlight

Content. Design. Mapping. Social Media. Webmasters.

handshake agreementHere at Auto Shop Webmasters we handle every aspect of our clients’ web presence. To give you a taste of what we do we have decided to highlight some of our current clients. This month we have chosen to share a little about Frank’s Automotive in Sacramento. Frank’s auto shop is a specialty German repair shop and came to us for assistance in building their ranking for important keywords in their local market. Now they are on the first page of Google results for countless keyword combinations, including the following:


  • “German auto repair Sacramento”
  • “German auto repair”
  • “German automotive”
  • “how often to get your oil changed”
  • “a auto Sacramento”
  • “Mini Cooper auto repair”
  • “Porsche repair Sacramento”
  • “auto expert Sacramento”
  • “Volvo mechanic Sacramento”
  • “German car repairs”


  • “Volvo mechanics”
  • “Volvo certified mechanics”
  • “Volvo repair shop”
  • “Mini repair Sacramento”
  • “Volkswagen experts”
  • “benefits of regular oil changes”
  • “German car make”
  • “Mini auto shop”
  • “German car repair shops”
  • and more!


Just this past month they have had a 27% growth in their unique visits (not repeat visits, but people who have never viewed the site before). Over the past month they had over 600 unique visitors to their site and over 100 in the past week alone! We are proud of the place Frank’s Automotive now holds in their local market.

Frank's Automotive in Sacramento

And not only did we create optimized content for them, we also created a beautiful customized design. Our expert design team crafted this design specifically for them and the design is easy to navigate and mobile friendly! You can view their website from any device and find the same stunning design and easily readable content.

We also have helped them with their social media management, providing new postings every week to enhance their online presence.

Don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself here:

And remember you can call us any time to get started. We provide content, design, mapping, social media management and more for auto shops!

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Upcoming Update to Google’s Algorithm

Mobile Friendly Increases in Importance

mobile devices

With more and more people using the internet from mobile devices, the need for a mobile friendly site is only increasing. And in April Google will be updating their algorithm to implement stricter mobile friendly guidelines. If your site is not mobile friendly when the algorithm changes, you could be penalized and lose important keyword rankings.

Google has even laid out some guidelines of what to NOT do if you want to avoid penalties in the future. These include the following:

  • Blocked JavaScript, CSS and image files
  • Unplayable content
  • Faulty redirects
  • Mobile-only 404s
  • App download interstitials
  • Irrelevant cross-links
  • Slow mobile pages

So what does all this mean? Some of the above guidelines are highly technical and likely not things you work with on a regular basis as an Auto Shop owner. However, others are fairly obvious and straightforward (a slow loading webpage will not rank well).

The bottom line is that you MUST have a website that translates well into a mobile format. That is why we provide responsive web designs for all of our clients. These designs change according to the size screen they are viewed on, leaving them easy to navigate no matter what device someone is using when they find them.

Talk to us about ensuring you are not penalized in April by the upcoming algorithm change. Curious how your site currently holds up under Google’s mobile guidelines? Check it out using Google’s mobile-friendly test here.

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SEO & Content Marketing Explained

A Quick Guide to SEO & Content Marketing

box of internet related itemsIf you are the owner of an auto shop, you likely have little time to focus on  your web presence. And as you search for a company to help you manage your internet marketing you will encounter terms that have little to no meaning to the average person. Unfortunately too, many high pressure salesmen never explain these terms fully and leave you in the dark in regards to their true meaning. Two phrases that are often overused, misused and left without explanation are SEO and content marketing.

Many companies use these terms as if they are synonyms or they use them as if they are stand alone ideas and tout themselves as providing only one or the other. So what is the difference between SEO and content marketing? And do they work together? And of course, ultimately, what does your auto shop actually need? Find out the answers in this quick guide to SEO and content marketing.

So what’s the difference?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and refers to a broad array of work. It basically refers to the demands as laid out by Google and other search engines. For example, SEO would require that you have a unique, properly coded website. So part of SEO services would be creating that unique design. SEO also requires in-depth content. So part of SEO would be providing that content.

Which is where content marketing comes into play. Content marketing refers to the actions taken to fulfill the content demands of SEO. The following all would fall under content marketing:person on a computer

  • In-depth, onsite content
  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts
  • Title tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Alt tags
  • and more!

Do these two things work together?

As you can see, SEO and content marketing go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other. Which is why it is a misnomer to say that you are only a content marketing company or only provide SEO.

If you were to only create content without fulfilling all the other requirements of SEO, your content would be useless. It must be coupled with a complete web presence. And conversely that complete web presence must contain properly optimized content.

What does my auto shop company need?

If you want to dominate online and be found for countless keywords in your local market you need a combination of SEO and content marketing. That is what we provide at Auto Shop Webmasters. We blend together SEO and content marketing to create a complete web presence.

Call today for more information about what SEO and content marketing can do for you!

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What is a PPC campaign?

picture of ppcIf you have looked into ways to market your company online, you likely have heard of PPC. So what is PPC? PPC stands for pay per click and refers to the results that show up on the top of a Google search results page and along the right hand side of the results. They have the word “ad” next to them and have been placed there because of a payment.

Pay per click results are exactly as they sound, you have to pay for every click you garner through this campaign.

Is PPC right for my auto shop?

clock towerMany clients want to know, should I use a PPC campaign? The answer is yes and no. PPC is a wonderful tool for short term results. But it is extremely costly when compared to organic SEO over the long run.

We help our clients build their web presence so that they show up on Google’s search results by merit of a job well done. These organic results will NOT cost you when someone clicks on your website. Therefore, investing money in organic SEO is a huge savings in the long run.

However, organic SEO takes time whereas PPC is immediate. We often recommend a PPC campaign for auto shops while we build their organic results. It can be a wonderful tool when used correctly. Having a PPC campaign managed by an expert team like ours will provide you with the best results!

Talk to us today about PPC for auto shops and how we can incorporate this useful marketing tool into your overall web presence plan.

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Will broken links hurt my web presence?

The Damage of Broken Links

broken chainFor an auto repair shop, an online presence is a modern day necessity. And not only does your auto shop need to be found online, you need to have a good online reputation. One of the many things that can damage your reputation and your SEO are broken links. Will broken links really hurt your web presence? The answer is yes. But the good news is, there are ways to prevent damaged links from hurting your company.

What are broken links?

404 error pageTo begin with, what are broken links? Broken links are links that no longer direct someone to the page they should. When you click on a broken link you will receive a “404 error.” This error may have some text accompanying it (often humorous) to explain why the page won’t load, but the bottom line: A broken link doesn’t take a user to the content they wanted to see. And that, well that, is obviously a bad thing.

What causes broken links?

So if broken links are a thing to be avoided, what exactly causes them? No one intends to have a website with broken links, but it happens to a large number of small businesses. The following are all reasons for broken links or 404 errors:

  • Moving a web page and not changing internal links
  • Renaming a web page and not changing internal links
  • Leaving up old links to content that no longer exists (photos, videos, pdfs)
  • Leaving up old links to third parties that have changed or moved the web page

What damage will broken links cause?

Broken links will damage your SEO, your online reputation and ultimately your conversion rate. When someone visits your site and reaches an error message, odds are high they will leave your site in lieu of a site that works. People do not have patience online. They want things to load quickly and properly. So when you have even just a few broken links, you could damage your entire web presence.

How can I fix broken links?

If you have broken links, or perhaps you are simply uncertain of whether you do or not, the good news is there is hope. It isn’t hard to diagnose the problem and fixing the links is as simple as creating a redirect or removing old links.

As a part of our SEO services (both initial and ongoing) we will search to your site for any broken links, fix them and keep an eye on your site every single day from there forward to ensure you never suffer from the damages caused by broken links. Talk to us today about how a well managed web presence can lead to a higher conversion rate.

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The Mobile Trend

An increasingly mobile world

smartphone in useAs a new year begins, we look ahead to see what trends the world of SEO holds for 2015. This year one of the biggest trends in the online world is that of mobility. People are increasingly turning to their mobile devices for online search. In fact, the following statistics from Search Engine Journal demonstrate this trend:

  • In 2014 1.3 billion smartphones were shipped
  • People spend 151 minutes per day on smartphones (which supersedes the time spent on TV or laptops)
  • Approximately 1 in 5 searches on Google are location related
  • And searches for “nearby” have grown 5x since 2011
  • So what does this mean for your business? Two simple things:

1) Locally Optimized

Because so many people are searching for services that are “nearby,” it is critical that you optimize locally. If you are a small business, you likely cannot take on competition on a national level. But you definitely can win on the local level. The benefit of this local, mobile trend is that it affords small businesses the chance to grab new leads that otherwise may have been lost to national companies.

2) Responsive website design

tablet and teapotOnce you are easily found through a mobile device it is important that your website looks right on that mobile device. If you optimize locally, but your website is impossible to read and hard to navigate on smartphones, tablets and other devices odds are high people will give up and choose another company from the search list. We provide our clients with a responsive website design which can be viewed on any mobile device with the same ease. The website simply responds to the device size it is viewed on and reformats accordingly.

If you are ready to take advantage of the mobile trend of 2015, give us a call. We will work hard to ensure your auto shop is ready to tackle the mobile world of SEO.

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