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5 Crucial Elements of Car Repair Website Design

Car repair services can benefit from a strong online presence, much like every small business in 2019. But certain website elements get overlooked in the scramble to get one up and running. Every repair service has similar goals; generate leads and drive more business to your company. The confusion exists in how to most effectively achieve these goals. For instance, many car mechanics invest in website templates that are ready made and out-of-the-box so to speak. Unbeknownst to many, templates can be counterproductive for SEO and hinder a businesses’ chances of ranking number one for high volume keywords, both on traditional organic results and Google Maps results (The Local 3 Pack). Here’s 5 crucial elements of car repair website design:

5 Crucial Elements of Car Repair Website Design

Element Number 1 – Customization

For a website to reach its full potential, it should be designed by a professional web designer. Why? Because clean code is the most SEO-friendly kind of code. Templates are mass-produced, and most importantly; mass-published. When Google spiders a website, they scan HTML & CSS in the process. Unique designs encourage a greater ranking position than stock templates. That’s not to say SEO is an impossibility with tools like Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace. They can still rank well under certain circumstances. But the best recommendation is to utilize a custom design. Not only is it cleaner from a code standpoint, but it is often more appealing to the user. And as we know, user behavior metrics are something Google keeps a close eye on when deciding the ranking factors of a website. In summary:

  • Custom Websites Encourage Clean Code (HTML & CSS)
  • Custom Websites Encourage Engaging Design
  • Custom Websites Encourage Favorable User Behavior
  • Custom Websites Are Ideal for Search Engine Optimization

Element Number 2 – Schema Markup

Have you ever wondered why certain search results “look” better than others. Do a simple Google search of auto repair services and see which links look the best to you? Once identified, try to compare and contrast those results to the ones you find less appealing. If you behave like the typical Google user, you will favor results that have enhanced features. Examples of these include aggregate star ratings, location information, and sitelinks. Human behavior is quite predictable, and a more feature-rich result is naturally going to garner more attention than one that looks bland and stoic. To get features like these on your own website, you need someone to implement schema markup, a term used to describe the integration of microdata. These code snippets help Google interpret the contents of your website, and better market your results. In summary:

  • Schema Markup Enhances Search Results
  • Schema Markup Distinguishes One Site From Another
  • Schema Markup Encourages Increased Clicks
  • Schema Markup Helps Google Interpret a Website

Element Number 3 – Mobile Optimization

Most website visitors in 2019 will be accessing your auto repair website via mobile device. With 24/7 access to smartphones there’s no more convenient way to find car repair services. Because of this, you as an auto mechanic, must ensure your website is mobile optimized. That means simple navigation, optimal viewport, and lighting fast speeds. For the sake of conversion rates, it also helps to have click-to-call functionality so that user can call your offices directly from their cell phone … since they’re currently on it anyway. Back before Google’s mobile first index, the transition from desktop to mobile sites was not going as smoothly as some hoped. Nothing is more frustrating for a user than clunky navigation on their mobile phone, and Google decided to prioritize websites that provided the most optimal experience. In summary:

  • Mobile Access is 24/7 365
  • Mobile Users are Frustrated by Poor Navigation
  • Mobile Users Can Utilize Click-To-Call Functionality
  • Mobile Users Expect Lighting Fast Site Speed & Loading Times

Element Number 4 – Brand Integration

In an increasingly digital world, branding oneself is an every minute process. The biggest brands are consistent, uniform, and memorable. Car repair services should exercise these principles when having a website designed for their company. Because Google is now a one stop shop for small business branding, it’s imperative that a primary website aligned precisely with the brand that exists throughout other web modules. For instance, Google My Business, Facebook, and your main website should all display the same logo, the same NAP information, and be managed by the same group of people. It used to be that a website in of itself could represent your brand. Today, a website is one of many marketing channels through which to promote. That said, it’s still the central hub through which everything is founded upon, In summary:

  • Branding is an Ongoing Process
  • Successful Brands are Consistent & Uniform
  • Websites & Google My Business Require Integration
  • NAP Information is Crucial to a Company Brand

Element Number 5 – Technical SEO

When companies think of SEO, they often think of keywords and on page content. But did you know that some of the most critical aspects of SEO take place behind the scenes? We touched on this a bit in our customization section, but it’s important to stress this point even more so. Websites that appear visually appealing do not always rank well. For a website to be correctly designed, it must encourage the highest possible rankings. This means it should promote crawling and indexing from Google, include clean code for faster loading times, and manifest elite usability for user behavioral influence. Most of these goals can only be achieved by someone with true website design experience. Some businesses have made web design something that anyone can do. And while there is some value in that accessibility, the greatest SEO potential lies in experts in the field of web design. In summary:

  • Technical SEO is as Important as On Page SEO
  • Most Technical SEO is Executed Behind-The-Scenes
  • Professional Designers Are Best Equipped To Implement Technical SEO
  • Visual Appeal Does Not Always Translate to High Rankings
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31 Auto Repair Keywords for 2019

31 Auto Repair Keywords for 2019 Blog Cover
Keywords aren’t everything, but they are certainly one of the most important components of search engine optimization for auto shops. Identifying the correct target keywords can make or break an entire SEO strategy. There are tools available that can help mechanics research the most relevant and optimal terms and phrases for their website, and ones that best represent their business goals and target client base. Once keywords are identified, they should be placed in the following areas:

  • Content Text: Paragraph or “body” content
  • Header Tags: H1s, H2s, H3s
  • Image Name / Alt Text: Filename of your image (in lowercase-letters.jpg) and its corresponding alt text
  • Meta Descriptions: 158 character (920 pixel) description of your web page
  • Title Tags: SEO Title of your web page, which is shown as the page title on search engines, and on the page tab of your browser
  • URL: Slug of your web address, like for example:

But knowing where to enter keywords is moot if the keyword itself is inadequate. Flawless placement of subpar terms and phrases won’t do mechanics any good from a lead generation perspective. Sure, you might show up on Google for the words you targeted, but those who click on them are highly unlikely to convert into paying customers — that’s if anybody clicks on them at all. So how does an auto repair website go about identifying the right keywords?

  • Search Volume: The estimated number of times a user searchers for the term or phrase, according to keyword research tools like MOZ & SEMRush
  • Keyword Difficulty: How competitive the keyword is based on the quality of the websites that currently rank for it
  • Keyword Relevance: How likely the keyword is to generate traffic that can convert into paying customers
  • Keyword Priority: A general estimate of a keyword’s value based on the factors mentioned above
  • Organic Click Through: The estimated rate by which users searching for the term end up clicking on an organic result (instead of PPC, Maps, or something else)

Choosing the wrong keywords makes their subsequent implications irrelevant. In other words, you can perfectly execute on page SEO techniques with low quality keywords, and have nothing to show for it. Either too few users will ever search for the terms, or those who do, will click on them, only to exit your site without ever considering your call to action, since they have demonstrated no previous inclination to do so. For this reason, keyword research should always be the first part of the process.

The Top 31 Auto Repair Keywords for 2019

Auto Repair Near Me
Auto Repair Shop
Car Mechanic Near Me
Car Tune Up Near Me
Auto Mechanic Shops Near Me
Local Auto Repair
Car AC Recharge Service
Mechanic Garages Near Me
Auto Maintenance Shop
Car Repair Shop
Car Maintenance Shop
Car Tune Up Shop
Auto Body Repair Shop
Oil Change Shops Nearby
Automobile Repair Shop
Car Tire Repair Shop
24 Hour Auto Shop
Auto Repair
Auto Glass Repair
Car Suspension Repair
Auto Body Repair
Auto Electrical Repair
Car Brake Repair
Full Service Auto Repair
Auto Transmission Repair
Auto Brake Repair
Auto Wheel Repair
Car Wheel Repair
Car Engine Repair
Automobile Repair
Wheel Alignment Repair
Auto Tire Repair

Understanding Buyer Intent

The biggest misnomer about keywords for auto shops is that volume is the most important metric. It isn’t, especially when looked at exclusive from the nuance that surrounds it. For a keyword to be valuable, it must possess what is known as buyer intent. This term references the intention of the searcher, which in cases like these, will be one of spending. Terms like shop and service indicate a strong buyer’s intent, while shorter tail keywords like auto repair, could entail a number of different scenarios. Some keywords demonstrate a clear absence of buyer intent. An example of this would be diy brake repair. The qualifier; diy, stands for do-it-yourself, which means the searcher has no existing inclination to spend money. Sure, they could be converted with the right content and pitch, but the priority should be to target users who are already looking to spend money.

Buyer Intent for Auto Repair Keywords

The value of a keyword depends on a sliding scale of factors and their weighted importance. For example, volume is important under the right circumstances. We noted that it is largely irrelevant for terms that have no buyer intent, but it is otherwise one of the most important metrics. After all, what good is a relevant keyword that nobody searches for? The goal of SEO is to drive relevant traffic to your auto repair website, and then to convert that traffic into leads, whether that’s via phone call, submission form, or something else. It’s important to always have a call to action, preferably one that is spread liberally throughout your website. The most important spot for a phone number is the top right hand side of your web pages. This way, users who are ready to buy, have a convenient way to reach you.

Other Factors For Auto Shop Keywords

If you run a specialty auto shop, let’s say; BMW repair, your keywords should of course incorporate that brand name, as well as problems most common with those vehicles. You can utilize MOZ Keyword Explorer as well as SEMRush in order to find the highest volume and highest opportunity keywords. If you don’t have access to tools like these, or if you don’t have the knowledge or resources to conduct extensive keyword research, you can hire a digital marketing firm to handle your SEO strategy. Every marketing plan should include keyword research.

Autoshop Webmasters is the premier marketing firm for auto repair shops across the United States. We’ve been working with auto mechanics for more than a decade to optimize their business websites and help them earn leads online. As a platform that specializes in digital promotion for auto shops, we take great pride in helping mechanics grow their brand and expand their clientbase. Because of our experience in web design, content marketing, and SEO, we are able to combine each element, and seamlessly integrate keywords into a larger process. Call 800.377.3068 to learn more about auto repair keywords in 2019.

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Reasons Why Blogging Is Essential to Your Auto Shop Web Presence

While there are other elements that can help your auto shop website rank better on search engines, blogging is one of the easiest ways to increase your web presence. In addition to monthly blog posts, there are a ton of reason why blogging is essential to your auto shop web presence.

Reasons Why Blogging Is Essential to Your Auto Shop Web Presence

Blogging Can Help You Rank Better On Search Engines!

Blogs Equal More Views

Do you have a lot of content on your website? Do you update your website frequently? If you answered no to these questions, blogging can help solve this problem. With a monthly blog post, you are putting more content out on the web, which can help you get discovered by more potential clients.

Blogs Make You More Authoritative

Blogs are a great opportunity to answer questions or create content that is helpful to exist customers and potential customers. Blog posts like Q&As, How to’s, and FAQ’s are a great way to establish your credibility and authority in your field. The more content that is authoritative, the more trustworthy you seem.

Frequently Searched Keywords Translates to More Clicks

Keywords are really important when it comes to ranking better on search engines. Because page content isn’t put on the site that often, blogs are a great way to use frequently searched keywords. More keywords within your blogs means you are more likely to be found based on the keywords that potential customers search for.

These elements are crucial to building your web presence online in order to gain more leads. At Auto Shop Webmasters, we are able to help by creating original blogs for your website. Interested in original content for your auto shop website? Call us today at 800.377.3068.


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Signs of a Good SEO Company for Auto Shops

Are you looking for a reliable SEO company for your auto repair business? Though many business owners look at the size of a company or how nice their website is, these are not the most important factors to consider. To get the best results, looks for these signs of a good SEO company for auto shops.

Case Studies

Good SEO Company for Auto Shops

A Good SEO Company for Auto Shops will Produce Quality Results

One of the first things you should ask for when searching for a company to run your SEO and online marketing is a case study. You should get evidence from the SEO company that they have proven results in your field. You want to make sure they can meet all your needs and improve your rankings. If they cannot produce quality work, move on.

Knowledge of Your Industry

When you want to dominate your market, you need an SEO company that knows what you’re about. A company that is great at digital marketing for a pet food business is not necessarily a good SEO company for auto shops. Find someone with experience in marketing for your specific industry for the best results.

Highly Trained Staff

When it comes down to it, choosing an SEO company for your auto shop is about hiring the people that know what they’re doing. Search engine optimization, web design, and social have become highly specialized fields, and many SEO companies do not have the right experience. When talking to a potential company, choose one who hires specialized and knowledgeable staff so you get the highest quality work.

When you need a good SEO company for your auto shop, choose Auto Shop Webmasters. We have all of the above and much more to offer. Call us today at 800.377.3068 to learn more!

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4 Reasons Why Mobile Optimization is Essential to Your Business Website

Whether people like it or not, the age of the smartphone is here to stay. Every day we use our phone in some capacity: looking at a social media site or setting an alarm, our phones are very useful in more ways than one. Because people are constantly using their phones, it’s important that businesses begin focusing on mobile optimization. Here are four reasons why mobile optimization is essential to your business.

4 Reasons Why Mobile Optimization is Essential to Your Business Website

It’s Super Convenient

Being able to search for a business in my city is convenient. No longer do people have to get on a desktop to search for a particular business within their city. Having mobile optimization for your website will make it easier for potential customers to look at your site on the go.

You Can Strengthen Your SEO Ranking

Because mobile optimization is such a big part of getting your business’s name out there, websites who use this type of optimization tend to rank better than sites who don’t use mobile optimization.

Set Your Site Apart From The Competition

While it’s becoming more popular to use smartphone optimization, there are still a lot of company websites who don’t use it. Mobile optimization will be able to set you apart from competitors.

Can Be Supported on Many Devices

Smartphone optimization makes it easy to search for your website on a number of platforms like smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

If you would like more information on SEO services for your auto mechanics website, give Auto Shop Webmasters a call at 800.377.3068 today!

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How Responsive Websites Make The Difference

Photo of responsiveWe live in the age of technology. Nowadays, any service or knowledge imaginable is available to a consumer simply through a search. With a swipe, they can find auto shops, check reviews, and get contact information to set up appointments. While auto shops have made the leap to internet marketing through websites, it can be hard to keep up with all of the advances and changes in technology. New phones and tablets come out every year, allowing customers to find information on the go. With different screen sizes, resolutions and quality, your website can look very different than how it appears on a PC. How do you ensure your potential auto shop customers see your website as the best?

Responsive design is the answer to the advancements of tablets, smart phones, and more. With responsive design, your auto repair website is flexible to any system it is being viewed on. This means you will not have to sacrifice appearance or content that could have proven valuable and decision making for a customer. Your website will adjust itself, responding to your customer’s viewing preference and giving them the information you need to share. For search engines, this means that your auto shop is always accessible.

Properly Coded, Responsive Web Design For You

At Auto Shop Webmasters, we create professional, properly coded web designs for your auto shop. Web design is a crucial factor for SEO and can play a huge role in your page ranking with search engines. With an unique web design and SEO content, we can improve your search engine ranking. Want to learn more on how responsive web design can help your auto repair internet marketing? Call Auto Shop Webmasters today at 800.377.3068!

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Why Social Media Matters To Your Business

When working on digital marketing, you may be wondering whether a social media presence is worth the effort. There are several benefits to having a solid social media for auto shop businesses, from SEO improvements to auto shop branding. Here are just a few of the reasons why social media matters to your auto repair business.

Greater Visibility

social media for auto shopThe more channels you use, the more visibility you’ll have. Similar to hearing an ad on the radio over and over, the more often a customer sees your business, the better chances you have at a conversion. While each social media platform has its own benefits and uses, maintaining a few different ones can increase your visibility among certain markets. For example, the people using Facebook skew older while Twitter users tend to be younger.

Increased Chances Of Engagement

Social media provides a great opportunity to increase your chances of engagement with your target market. While some websites utilize blogs to engage with customers, social media is a more diverse and efficient method. From creating polls to posting photo galleries, your social media options are nearly endless. Let the likes, retweets, pins, shares, and comments give your brand a boost!

Increases Traffic To Website

Not only can a solid social media presence increase your engagement, it can also drive users to your primary website. An ad on Facebook, for example, can land on your homepage, or a Google+ post can link to your company’s blog post about tire rotation. These links can also improve your SEO standing.

If you’re interested in improving your social media for auto shop and SEO, call Auto Shop Webmasters at 800.377.3068!

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3 Reasons Your Business Needs Professional Web Design

Does your company have a professionally designed website? You may think your site has everything you need, but answer this: How much business is it getting you? The fact is companies in our digital world need professional web design in order to thrive online. Below are just a few reasons why this is important for auto shops.

professional web design auto shops

Mobile Design

These days, many people use their mobile phones, tablets and computers to find services in their area. As a business owner, it’s critical that you have a website your customers can find. Otherwise, you’re losing potential local business to your competition who are investing in their online presence. Responsive web design involves creating websites that are easy to view on both smartphones and computers! Professional designers will ensure that your site works well on screens of all sizes so no matter what device your customers are using, they can find you.

Readability and Navigation

The content of a website is the number one thing that determines its ranking on Google. It’s perfectly fine to create your own site. However, a professional can go a step further to help your customers interact with your website much easier! Professional web design takes both readability and navigation into account. The pros (like those at Auto Shop Webmasters) want your customers to easily travel around your website. They also want them to be able to read the content of your website. A site that’s easy to find, read and get around will get you much more business from your internet investment.

Organic SEO

If you’re an auto shop, it’s imperative to your business that your site is high in the search results for local keywords! Professional web design for auto shops helps increase their organic search engine optimization. The code behind your website can actually help you rank higher. A professional designer can make sure this code has all the necessary information to help your auto shop succeed online.

If you’re interested in professional web design for your auto shop, call our experts today at 800.377.3068! We can help your website succeed online with our monthly services.

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What is Local Mapping and Why is it Important?

With the proliferation of smart phones as the go-to device for on-the-go consumers all over the country, Local Mapping - Auto Shop SEOit’s no surprise that more than half of all the Google searches performed — of the over 100 billion searches total per month — come from mobile devices. While that certainly informs how we design websites for auto shops, ensuring that they’re incorporating responsive design to function well on any device, it also drives home the importance of local mapping for local searches.

A local search is the set of results that you see tied to a map when you use Google to track down a service or product. When you execute a search query with your city, zip code, or even “near me,” you’re basically letting Google know that you want someone nearby, and they respond in kind. As a business owner, you may be wondering how to get a piece of that action, especially given that most consumers will logically choose one of the top results to pursue for a transaction. (For perspective, consider that 92 percent of people who search online choose a business from page one of organic search results. There’s no weeding through pages of results happening.)

Local mapping and citations is how auto shop owners find their way to the top of local search results. Many business owners set up their Google accounts with bare-bones information, and don’t have the time to do much set up beyond that, much less establish social media accounts, Yelp listings, etc. We understand that there are only so many hours in the day, but these gaps could be costing you a lot of potential business because you don’t have the consistent, solid presence online to let Google know that you deserve one of those top spots for auto repairs in your service area.

If you want to get more vehicles into your shop and reach more customers locally, you can’t afford to skip local mapping and citation management as part of your strategy for internet marketing and SEO for auto repairs. Call us today at 800.377.3068 to learn more about local search and how we can get you moving up in those rankings so that potential customers searching on-the-go from their mobile devices can find you first!

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Client Spotlight

Auto Shop Webmasters works with automotive shops and mechanics to optimize their websites and improve the overall visibility of their company on the web. We work on many aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to make our clients’ sites rank well in Google Search results.

Leonard's Garage Site Snapshot

This month we are highlighting one of our auto shop clients, Leonard’s Garage & Service Center in Austin, TX. We’ve helped them by improving their online presence through unique content, social media, and local mapping. Leonard’s Garage now ranks on the first page of Google Search results for hundreds of keywords including the following:


  • mechanic near me
  • auto service austin
  • south austin auto repair
  • tire replacement austin
  • auto mechanic austin tx
  • mechanic open sunday near me
  • auto tune up service austin tx
  • transmission rebuild austin tx
  • auto garage near me
  • flat tire service near me


  • auto parts near me open now
  • tire store austin
  • car mechanic shop near me
  • local tire shops
  • oil change near me
  • auto repair shop austin tx
  • auto repair near me
  • tire shops austin tx
  • oil change austin tx
  • mechanics in austin tx


With our help, Leonard’s Garage & Service Center has seen increase in ranking for these keyword searches which in turn has brought over 1,000 unique visits to their website each month. Just in the last week alone they have received 230 visitors. Almost 70% of the traffic to Leonard’s Garage website comes from mobile phone searches. That is why we designed their site with a mobile-friendly, responsive layout so that customers could access the website no matter what device they use.

Does your website need an upgrade?  If your online presence is not attracting new business, contact Auto Shop Webmasters today at (800) 377-3068. Our team of designers, writers, programmers and social media experts can improve the visibility of your website to increase your sales.

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