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6 Can’t Miss Email Marketing Tips for Auto Repair Shops

Email Marketing Tips for Auto Repair

Email marketing is one of the most effective types of marketing campaigns. They are used by some of the largest corporations in the world. So what can they do for your small chain of auto repair shops or your single local shop? A lot of good to put it in plain terms. 

Now you may have been putting a lot of your time and effort into your social media marketing campaign and if you are, congratulate yourself. Social media marketing is indeed a vital aspect of successfully marketing your auto shop. But you shouldn’t neglect a solid email marketing campaign in lieu of social media marketing. In a study conducted by McKinsey & Company, it was found that email marketing is nearly 40 times more effective than social media marketing – partially because it is a more direct form of marketing. The same study also revealed that email marketing yielded a faster buying process as well. 

Those reasons alone should be enough to inspire you to start your own email marketing campaign. And if you need some guidance on how to get started, you are in the perfect little corner of the web. Today, Auto Shop SEO Webmasters is going to share with you some can’t miss email marketing tips for your auto repair shop. 

1) First Things First

Before you can launch any kind of effective email marketing strategy, you have to gather a list of lead emails. You can do this by requesting customers to provide an email address along with the other required information when they come in for service. You should also make sure that you have some lead capture forms on your website (newsletter sign up forms, promotional sign-up lists, blog notifications, etc.).

2) Target Your Emails

If you know a customer has just come in for an oil change a week ago, chances are that same customer will not be interested in reading about oil change promotions or any content having to do with oil changes. Auto maintenance is a chore for most people and when they are done with it, they don’t want to hear about it again until it comes due again. And people are very particular with the content in their email inboxes. When you deliver too much irrelevant content, they are more likely to unsubscribe from your list. And you don’t want that. As much as you can, target your email campaign on people who are likely to be interested in the content. Don’t inundate them with useless information. That leads us to our next tip…

3)Valuable Content

As an auto repair mechanic, you have a knowledge base that is invaluable to people who drive. So how do you provide content that people will be interested in? Share your automotive knowledge. Share posts about how often your air filter should be changed or what certain engine noises are likely to mean. People are always concerned about the condition of their vehicle so write up some blog posts and share them via your email list.

4) Keep Promotions to a Minimum

Believe it or not, customers don’t like to be deluged with “special offers.” This is a mistake that many DIY digital marketers make. They send coupon after coupon every week to their email list and then wonder why they aren’t getting any conversions. The fact is that sending too many emails, in general, is a bad idea. You don’t want to annoy your customers. The most important thing to remember about your email campaign is that it should provide insightful, valuable, interesting, or actionable content.

5) Maintenance Reminders

This is one of the most effective email marketing methods you can employ as a repair mechanic. 3 months after a customer comes in for an oil change, email them reminder that one may be due again soon (5 months for full synthetic customers). People tend to forget about auto maintenance and find it helpful when they are gently reminded. 

6) Stand Out

No matter what type of email you are sending out – maintenance reminders, blog post notifications, birthday emails, etc. – you have to stand out among the myriad emails that people receive every day. The best way to do this is to include an interesting or personalized subject line. If you write a subject line like “Ever Wondered what that Squeaking Sound in your Car Is?” for a blog post as opposed to “Read our new Post!” you are likely to get more clicks. In fact, Campaign Monitor quantifies this phenomenon through a study that revealed that people are 26% more likely to open your email if it contains a personalized or interesting subject line.

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4 Best Social Media Platforms for Auto Repair Shops

Social Media for Auto Repair (Blog Cover)

Social media for auto repair shops can be a polarizing topic. Some mechanics think it’s a waste of time while other swear by its value. To truly understand the pros and cons of launching a social media campaign for your auto repair company, you must understand which platforms actually provide benefits for mechanics.

In the following post, we are going to be listing the best social media platforms for auto repair shops, explaining why they are important for your marketing efforts and how to utilize them. Let’s get into the list of social media for auto repair shops which begins with the stalwart known ‘round the world…


Love it or hate it, you need to be using Facebook as social media for auto repair shops. There are more than a billion active users of Facebook so you can bet that people in the area of your auto repair shop are using it. 

  • Why is it important? – Two of the most important aspects of social media marketing are reputation management and customer engagement. The Facebook platform allows for both of these strategies. Successful auto shop owners have used their Facebook pages to engage their community with interesting questions related to cars. Questions like “Is premium gas worth it?” and “What is your favorite local road for a relaxing cruise?” are great examples of questions that can be posted to your company’s Facebook page that will get people engaging with your brand. And as you can see with the latter example, it promotes local engagement.
  • How to use it – Again, posting polls and questions like the ones mentioned above is a great way to use Facebook for customer engagement. Facebook is also a great platform for showing off your community involvement. If you attend local fundraising events, chamber of commerce meetings or do charity work, be sure to take quality photos and post them to your account with proper hashtags. 


Think YouTube is only good for looking at funny videos of cats? While that may have been the case in its inception, today the user-generated video content site is one of the most important platforms for social media marketing. 

  • Why is it important? – According to Word Stream, YouTube video content generates 1200% more social media likes and shares than textual or even photo content. People, in general, prefer watching a video over reading so YouTube is a great tool for engaging more of the market. And as an auto shop owner and presumably a mechanic, YouTube offers a unique marketing opportunity for you…
  • How to use it – Simply put post how to’s! As a mechanic, you have a highly valuable and marketable skill-set. Posting simply “how-to” guides on YouTube is a great way to get social media shares that broadcast your content across multiple platforms. Translation: free advertising. And you don’t have to spend too much time or effort to create valuable content with a high likelihood of social sharing. Think about posting simple and quick how-to videos like “how to replace a windshield wiper blade” or “how to check your engine oil levels.”


Most people don’t think of Yelp when they think of social media sites but Yelp attracts more than 178 million people a month. And yes, it is a social site because it allows business owners to directly engage their customers.

  • Why is it important? – Mainly because you can reply to customer reviews and replying to customer reviews is huge for reputation management. According to Hosting Tribunal, 89% of consumers read business’s reply to customer reviews. But more importantly, 30% of consumers value these responses.  To build local trust in your shop, you need to show the locals that you care about their experience. Yelp encourages lengthy customer reviews and you can reply to these reviews and address all the points mentioned in them. The ability to reply to customer reviews becomes even more important when someone leaves a bad review.
  • How to use it – In general, you should be replying to all of your reviews. When someone leaves a good review, reply by thanking the customer for their patronage and let them know that you are pleased that they had a pleasant experience. When someone leaves a bad review, reply by talking about the measures you will take to remedy the problem and address their specific complaints.


Instagram is a multimedia orientated social media platform. It affords a great opportunity for you and your shop crew to show what you are capable of.

  • Why is it important?62% of people surveyed report that they became more interested in a brand or business after seeing it in an Instagram story. Reaching people through Instagram, therefore, becomes an effective way to grow trust in your shop and your brand. Another reason Instagram is important as social media for auto repair shops is it allows people to see the work you have done, making it easier for them to trust you with their own cars.
  • How to use it – Post stories! Like crazy. Post videos of you and your crew. Post pictures of completed projects and cool cars you have worked on. Post any content that demonstrates your skill as a mechanic or your commitment to customer satisfaction.

How Auto Shops Should Proceed with Social Media

Social media marketing has revolutionized the way businesses promote themselves and bring in new customers. One of the most monumental shifts brought on by the advent of social media marketing is that it levelled the advertising playing field dramatically. Social media marketing allows the little guys to launch effective marketing campaigns that target local markets…themselves. That’s right, gone are the days of paying faceless advertising agencies and marketing firms to promote your business. Some of the most effective marketing strategies can be managed by the owner. 

This is great news for business owners in all industries such as auto repair. The auto repair business is an extremely localized one and social media marketing presents many effective solutions for targeting a specific area. But you have to know which platforms you should be on and how to leverage them for the benefit of your shop. 

Of course, social media isn’t the only route you should be taking on your marketing campaign. For a comprehensive approach, sign up with AutoShop Webmasters.

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6 Elements of Successful Auto Repair Websites

Auto Repair Websites Cover

Your auto repair website is of vast importance to the success of your business, especially if it incorporates auto repair SEO. After all, nowadays people are conducting online research before making most of their purchasing decisions. So if you own an auto repair shop, you better have a strong online presence. But what constitutes a strong online presence?

If you take a look around the internet and look at the websites of some of the most successful auto repair shops in your area, you will start to notice a few common motifs: professional design, customer involvement and easy navigation just to name a few. The best auto repair websites will provide the information that the potential customer needs to know almost immediately as well. 

But, in the haste to get a website up in the first place, most auto repair shop owners overlook the most important elements for a successful site. Or sometimes, if they outsource the work, they don’t hire a reliable professional. Whatever the reason may be, it’s never too late to correct mistakes. That’s why we have compiled a list of the most important aspects of successful auto repair websites in today’s post. 

If at any time, you would like to improve your website and your marketing strategy in general, please get in touch with us here at Autoshop Webmasters. We work specifically in the auto repair niche and have the expertise to elevate your business. For now though, let’s get into the crucial elements of successful auto repair websites.

Free SEO Audit

1 – Specialized Insight

As a mechanical expert, you have a very valuable resource at hand all the time: your knowledge. In digital marketing, providing value to customers goes a very long way. Valuable website content is a form of organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Search engines like Google prioritize websites that exhibit a high volume of organic SEO which means that searchers are more likely to see your website at the top of the results list. So how do you acquire a high volume of organic SEO? A car advice blog is a great way to provide value to your customers and rank higher in Google searches. Share some of your knowledge with the people and you will see a good return on your investment. Be sure to keep your blog up to date too – Google loves recently published content.

2 – Schema Markup

Schema markup is another important element of successful auto repair websites. In a study conducted by Search Engine Journal, a website that included good schema markup (as opposed to one that didn’t) garnered 43% more clicks. Schema markup is also called structured content. It is website content that is coded to speak directly to Google and signal it as to what kind of information is on your website. Basically, it makes it easier for Google to pull your website for relevant information. Schema markup can include a list of your services, customer reviews, a map displaying your shop’s location, itemized lists, how-to guides, answers to common automotive questions, and more. Schema markup is becoming increasingly important in search engine ranking so your website shouldn’t be without it.

3 – Check-Ins

Social media check-ins are present on a lot of the most successful auto repair websites because they drive customer engagement. Social media check-ins allow customers’ friends and family to see that your shop is trustworthy and it is a great way to get your name out to more potential customers. To incentivize customer check-ins, you can offer discounts on your services or priority attention.

4 – Reviews

Customer reviews are one of the most important features of any business website – auto repair shops are no exception. When a customer visits your site, they should have plenty of customer reviews to read over. That’s because 72% of customers won’t even consider your business if it does not have any reviews. People trust reviews because they are a reflection of what they can expect from your business. Reviews also contribute to organic SEO which again, can help you rank higher on Google searches. As much as 70% of customers actually leave reviews if they have been asked so don’t be afraid to ask satisfied patrons to share a few words about their experience with your business.

5 – Ease of Use / Access

The average person does not spend a lot of time on a single website. In fact, according to a Sevell article, the average amount of time a consumer spends on a website is only 45 seconds. That means all your important information should be easily legible on your home page. People want to know where your shop is, what kind of work you do, what your hours of operation are, and what your phone number is. If they have to work too hard to find all that info, they are likely to move on to the next search result.

6 – Navigability

Is your website easy to navigate? Does it load fast? What about on mobile devices? There are plenty of options out there so consumers won’t waste time trying to fumble their way through your website if it loads slowly or is structured in a confusing manner. Likewise, your mobile site should be optimized for navigation from phones and tablets. And mobile isn’t going anywhere. An astounding 80% of consumers have browsed the web with a mobile device and an estimated 40% of all online business transactions were done over a mobile device in 2019. You simply cannot afford to have an unprofessional website – mobile or otherwise.

Auto Repair Websites For SEO

Knowing these important website elements is only half the battle. Not every auto shop owner who reads this post will be able to implement these strategies on their own. But that’s why we’re here. We can help you implement these and other proven strategies not only for the improvement of your website conversion; but for the long-term success of your business. Let us here at Autoshop Webmasters help you. 

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Auto Repair Facebook Posts: The Premium Guide

Auto Repair Facebook Posts Cover

When it comes to auto repair Facebook posts, you may be wondering what all the hype is about. Facebook is an invaluable marketing platform that should be taken advantage of. There are tons of ways to promote your auto repair shop, make people aware of your brand, and tout your services with Facebook. But your marketing efforts must be focused. They must be deliberate and must utilize the latest usage statistics. As an auto repair shop owner or associate, you probably don’t have a lot of time to research what is trending on Facebook. That’s where we come in. We are Autoshop Webmasters, and we specialize in helping auto shop owners grow their business with organic SEO and marketing tactics. We stay on top of all the marketing trends so you can focus on delivering quality service.

Consider this your cheat sheet on how to compose the most effective auto repair Facebook posts to help promote your brand and convert more customers.

Step 1: Learning Facebook Ads

Running Facebook Ads requires a Facebook Business Page. Once your business page is set up, you can begin to run ads from your Business Manager account. At this point, you can consult Facebook’s internal handbook to running advertisements on your Facebook business page. There are 3 primary elements to a Facebook Ad:


Go to your Business Page and click on the blue button near the bottom left of your computer screen. Select an objective for your ad to accomplish. If your goal is to get people exposed to your auto shop and its brand via the website, you’d select Get More Website Visitors.


Creative has two elements within itself, copy, and visuals. Facebook often suggests both text and image but you have the ability to edit them to your preference. A photo of freshly tuned Lamborghini is going to elicit more emotion than an image of your shop’s front door. As for text, keep it short.


Next you must select an audience. Your audience tells Facebook who you want to reach through advertising. Car enthusiasts between the age of 25 and 40 within a 10-mile radius of your shop could be great targets for your seasonal discount. Details like these can be targeted, along with many others.


Don’t forget about budget. Through Facebook ads, a minimal budget can achieve outstanding results. Instruct Facebook how much you want to spend on your ad per day, per month, or per lifetime. You’ll never spend more than your predetermined budget, and you can estimate the viewers your ad will reach. Finally, you can choose how long to run your ad.

Step 2: Maximizing Ads in the Auto Industry

Not every ad technique will translate across all industries. A bakery, for example, will have different goals than an auto repair business. Understanding your industry and its consumers is what’s going to separate you from other competitors who are running ads on the social platform. Getting ads wrong is just as easy as getting them right.

Keep it Car-Centric

You never want to stray too far from the heart of your business. And while many of the best auto repair Facebook posts seemingly have nothing to do with auto repair; they do all tie back to some aspect of life behind the wheel. 

The reason you don’t want to post something that is totally unrelated to your industry is that you want Facebook users to make the correlation between your post and their cars’ in their minds. So even if they don’t remember your logo or the name of your business, they will remember you for that fun or helpful Facebook post that had something to do with cars or driving. Then, when the time comes for auto repair, they will remember that your company had something to do with automobiles and are more likely to look you up.

So what kind of posts can you create that are general enough to appeal to more people but car-centric enough to make that important correlation in the minds of consumers? Local events are a great place to start. Think of state or county fairs, big concert tours coming into town, sporting events or any other type of local event that draws a big crowd. Parking is usually a nightmare at these kinds of events right? Create a post and share some of your secret parking spots around event venues. Even if you don’t have any of your own, encourage people to share theirs. It’s a great way to get the community buzzing around your content and to provide some valuable content that your visitors will remember. And that leads us to our next topic…

Provide Value

Having Facebook users share your posts is one of the most valuable vehicles for digital marketing today. But how do you get people to share your posts with their friends and family? One of the easiest ways is to make your post valuable to Facebook users. While you don’t want to give away any secrets of the trade, you can still use your knowledge of cars to provide value to Facebook users.

For example, you can create a post that details how motorists can protect their car’s paint in the rainy season. Auto repair Facebook posts that focus on cosmetic auto care are a great way to provide value to your visitors without revealing actual auto repair secrets. After all, you want to maintain a customer base that actually needs your services, right?

Other ways you can provide value without revealing trade secrets is to inform motorists of important information (remember, keep it car-centric). If you see that a nearby road or highway is closed or narrowed due to construction, make a post about it. If severe weather conditions are headed to your town that could affect road safety, make a post about that too. 

Leverage Video Media

Facebook video media is booming. Today, video posts make up around 11% of all Facebook posts and that number is expected to rise in the coming years. Facebook video posts are also receiving the highest amount of interactions too. Video posts are powerful tools and as an auto repair shop owner, there are some very easy and effective ways to utilize them for your advantage:

  • Guides with Text – Users watch Facebook videos without sound 85% of the time. So making a how-to guide about changing a tire or checking battery voltage with text can be a good way to get your brand out there.
  • Live Streams – Live streams are even more popular than video posts. You can set up a live stream at an auto trade show, local event you are attending, or an event you are having at your shop.
  • Introduce your Crew – Make a video that introduces your team to Facebook users. People are more likely to use a business when they can put a face (or faces) to it.

Remember to Brand

This may seem like a foregone conclusion but many businesses are still forgetting one important rule of Facebook marketing: put your logo or business name on every post! You want your brand to stick out in the minds of potential customers and one of the best ways to do that is still vigilant branding. Make sure your shop logo is on every post, story, live stream and video post on your Facebook page.

Step 3: Choosing an Auto Repair Marketing Agency

Choosing the right marketing agency to handle your advertising is a challenging proposition. Especially with so many deceptive people in the industry. With that said, Facebook ads can become overwhelming to business owners – especially if you are not particularly tech-savvy. That’s why hiring a marketing professional makes sense.

Understanding Goals

The sign of a bad marketing agency is one that has no goals for its clients. If they are going to market for the sake of marketing, they are already on a different wavelength than the business owner. Agencies should demonstrate specific goals such as auto repair lead generation and advertising ROI. Additionally, you should always verbalize your company’s own goals prior to payment.

Finding Common Ground

Sometimes marketers can’t relate to their own clients. This is common with general marketing agencies that serve a wide variety of industries. Since a one-size-fits-all approach is counterproductive in marketing, finding an agency that specializes in your niche is the better option. Look for marketing companies that ran for keywords like auto repair seo or auto repair facebook ads.

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5 Crucial Elements of Car Repair Website Design

Car repair services can benefit from a strong online presence, much like every small business in 2019. But certain website elements get overlooked in the scramble to get one up and running. Every repair service has similar goals; generate leads and drive more business to your company. The confusion exists in how to most effectively achieve these goals. For instance, many car mechanics invest in website templates that are ready made and out-of-the-box so to speak. Unbeknownst to many, templates can be counterproductive for SEO and hinder a businesses’ chances of ranking number one for high volume keywords, both on traditional organic results and Google Maps results (The Local 3 Pack). Here’s 5 crucial elements of car repair website design:

5 Crucial Elements of Car Repair Website Design

Element Number 1 – Customization

For a website to reach its full potential, it should be designed by a professional web designer. Why? Because clean code is the most SEO-friendly kind of code. Templates are mass-produced, and most importantly; mass-published. When Google spiders a website, they scan HTML & CSS in the process. Unique designs encourage a greater ranking position than stock templates. That’s not to say SEO is an impossibility with tools like Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace. They can still rank well under certain circumstances. But the best recommendation is to utilize a custom design. Not only is it cleaner from a code standpoint, but it is often more appealing to the user. And as we know, user behavior metrics are something Google keeps a close eye on when deciding the ranking factors of a website. In summary:

  • Custom Websites Encourage Clean Code (HTML & CSS)
  • Custom Websites Encourage Engaging Design
  • Custom Websites Encourage Favorable User Behavior
  • Custom Websites Are Ideal for Search Engine Optimization

Element Number 2 – Schema Markup

Have you ever wondered why certain search results “look” better than others. Do a simple Google search of auto repair services and see which links look the best to you? Once identified, try to compare and contrast those results to the ones you find less appealing. If you behave like the typical Google user, you will favor results that have enhanced features. Examples of these include aggregate star ratings, location information, and sitelinks. Human behavior is quite predictable, and a more feature-rich result is naturally going to garner more attention than one that looks bland and stoic. To get features like these on your own website, you need someone to implement schema markup, a term used to describe the integration of microdata. These code snippets help Google interpret the contents of your website, and better market your results. In summary:

  • Schema Markup Enhances Search Results
  • Schema Markup Distinguishes One Site From Another
  • Schema Markup Encourages Increased Clicks
  • Schema Markup Helps Google Interpret a Website

Element Number 3 – Mobile Optimization

Most website visitors in 2019 will be accessing your auto repair website via mobile device. With 24/7 access to smartphones there’s no more convenient way to find car repair services. Because of this, you as an auto mechanic, must ensure your website is mobile optimized. That means simple navigation, optimal viewport, and lighting fast speeds. For the sake of conversion rates, it also helps to have click-to-call functionality so that user can call your offices directly from their cell phone … since they’re currently on it anyway. Back before Google’s mobile first index, the transition from desktop to mobile sites was not going as smoothly as some hoped. Nothing is more frustrating for a user than clunky navigation on their mobile phone, and Google decided to prioritize websites that provided the most optimal experience. In summary:

  • Mobile Access is 24/7 365
  • Mobile Users are Frustrated by Poor Navigation
  • Mobile Users Can Utilize Click-To-Call Functionality
  • Mobile Users Expect Lighting Fast Site Speed & Loading Times

Element Number 4 – Brand Integration

In an increasingly digital world, branding oneself is an every minute process. The biggest brands are consistent, uniform, and memorable. Car repair services should exercise these principles when having a website designed for their company. Because Google is now a one stop shop for small business branding, it’s imperative that a primary website aligned precisely with the brand that exists throughout other web modules. For instance, Google My Business, Facebook, and your main website should all display the same logo, the same NAP information, and be managed by the same group of people. It used to be that a website in of itself could represent your brand. Today, a website is one of many marketing channels through which to promote. That said, it’s still the central hub through which everything is founded upon, In summary:

  • Branding is an Ongoing Process
  • Successful Brands are Consistent & Uniform
  • Websites & Google My Business Require Integration
  • NAP Information is Crucial to a Company Brand

Element Number 5 – Technical SEO

When companies think of SEO, they often think of keywords and on page content. But did you know that some of the most critical aspects of SEO take place behind the scenes? We touched on this a bit in our customization section, but it’s important to stress this point even more so. Websites that appear visually appealing do not always rank well. For a website to be correctly designed, it must encourage the highest possible rankings. This means it should promote crawling and indexing from Google, include clean code for faster loading times, and manifest elite usability for user behavioral influence. Most of these goals can only be achieved by someone with true website design experience. Some businesses have made web design something that anyone can do. And while there is some value in that accessibility, the greatest SEO potential lies in experts in the field of web design. In summary:

  • Technical SEO is as Important as On Page SEO
  • Most Technical SEO is Executed Behind-The-Scenes
  • Professional Designers Are Best Equipped To Implement Technical SEO
  • Visual Appeal Does Not Always Translate to High Rankings
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31 Auto Repair Keywords for 2019

31 Auto Repair Keywords for 2019 Blog Cover
Keywords aren’t everything, but they are certainly one of the most important components of search engine optimization for auto shops. Identifying the correct target keywords can make or break an entire SEO strategy. There are tools available that can help mechanics research the most relevant and optimal terms and phrases for their website, and ones that best represent their business goals and target client base. Once keywords are identified, they should be placed in the following areas:

  • Content Text: Paragraph or “body” content
  • Header Tags: H1s, H2s, H3s
  • Image Name / Alt Text: Filename of your image (in lowercase-letters.jpg) and its corresponding alt text
  • Meta Descriptions: 158 character (920 pixel) description of your web page
  • Title Tags: SEO Title of your web page, which is shown as the page title on search engines, and on the page tab of your browser
  • URL: Slug of your web address, like for example:

But knowing where to enter keywords is moot if the keyword itself is inadequate. Flawless placement of subpar terms and phrases won’t do mechanics any good from a lead generation perspective. Sure, you might show up on Google for the words you targeted, but those who click on them are highly unlikely to convert into paying customers — that’s if anybody clicks on them at all. So how does an auto repair website go about identifying the right keywords?

  • Search Volume: The estimated number of times a user searchers for the term or phrase, according to keyword research tools like MOZ & SEMRush
  • Keyword Difficulty: How competitive the keyword is based on the quality of the websites that currently rank for it
  • Keyword Relevance: How likely the keyword is to generate traffic that can convert into paying customers
  • Keyword Priority: A general estimate of a keyword’s value based on the factors mentioned above
  • Organic Click Through: The estimated rate by which users searching for the term end up clicking on an organic result (instead of PPC, Maps, or something else)

Choosing the wrong keywords makes their subsequent implications irrelevant. In other words, you can perfectly execute on page SEO techniques with low quality keywords, and have nothing to show for it. Either too few users will ever search for the terms, or those who do, will click on them, only to exit your site without ever considering your call to action, since they have demonstrated no previous inclination to do so. For this reason, keyword research should always be the first part of the process.

The Top 31 Auto Repair Keywords for 2019

Auto Repair Near Me
Auto Repair Shop
Car Mechanic Near Me
Car Tune Up Near Me
Auto Mechanic Shops Near Me
Local Auto Repair
Car AC Recharge Service
Mechanic Garages Near Me
Auto Maintenance Shop
Car Repair Shop
Car Maintenance Shop
Car Tune Up Shop
Auto Body Repair Shop
Oil Change Shops Nearby
Automobile Repair Shop
Car Tire Repair Shop
24 Hour Auto Shop
Auto Repair
Auto Glass Repair
Car Suspension Repair
Auto Body Repair
Auto Electrical Repair
Car Brake Repair
Full Service Auto Repair
Auto Transmission Repair
Auto Brake Repair
Auto Wheel Repair
Car Wheel Repair
Car Engine Repair
Automobile Repair
Wheel Alignment Repair
Auto Tire Repair

Understanding Buyer Intent

The biggest misnomer about keywords for auto shops is that volume is the most important metric. It isn’t, especially when looked at exclusive from the nuance that surrounds it. For a keyword to be valuable, it must possess what is known as buyer intent. This term references the intention of the searcher, which in cases like these, will be one of spending. Terms like shop and service indicate a strong buyer’s intent, while shorter tail keywords like auto repair, could entail a number of different scenarios. Some keywords demonstrate a clear absence of buyer intent. An example of this would be diy brake repair. The qualifier; diy, stands for do-it-yourself, which means the searcher has no existing inclination to spend money. Sure, they could be converted with the right content and pitch, but the priority should be to target users who are already looking to spend money.

Buyer Intent for Auto Repair Keywords

The value of a keyword depends on a sliding scale of factors and their weighted importance. For example, volume is important under the right circumstances. We noted that it is largely irrelevant for terms that have no buyer intent, but it is otherwise one of the most important metrics. After all, what good is a relevant keyword that nobody searches for? The goal of SEO is to drive relevant traffic to your auto repair website, and then to convert that traffic into leads, whether that’s via phone call, submission form, or something else. It’s important to always have a call to action, preferably one that is spread liberally throughout your website. The most important spot for a phone number is the top right hand side of your web pages. This way, users who are ready to buy, have a convenient way to reach you.

Other Factors For Auto Shop Keywords

If you run a specialty auto shop, let’s say; BMW repair, your keywords should of course incorporate that brand name, as well as problems most common with those vehicles. You can utilize MOZ Keyword Explorer as well as SEMRush in order to find the highest volume and highest opportunity keywords. If you don’t have access to tools like these, or if you don’t have the knowledge or resources to conduct extensive keyword research, you can hire a digital marketing firm to handle your SEO strategy. Every marketing plan should include keyword research.

Autoshop Webmasters is the premier marketing firm for auto repair shops across the United States. We’ve been working with auto mechanics for more than a decade to optimize their business websites and help them earn leads online. As a platform that specializes in digital promotion for auto shops, we take great pride in helping mechanics grow their brand and expand their clientbase. Because of our experience in web design, content marketing, and SEO, we are able to combine each element, and seamlessly integrate keywords into a larger process. Call 800.377.3068 to learn more about auto repair keywords in 2019.

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Reasons Why Blogging Is Essential to Your Auto Shop Web Presence

While there are other elements that can help your auto shop website rank better on search engines, blogging is one of the easiest ways to increase your web presence. In addition to monthly blog posts, there are a ton of reason why blogging is essential to your auto shop web presence.

Reasons Why Blogging Is Essential to Your Auto Shop Web Presence

Blogging Can Help You Rank Better On Search Engines!

Blogs Equal More Views

Do you have a lot of content on your website? Do you update your website frequently? If you answered no to these questions, blogging can help solve this problem. With a monthly blog post, you are putting more content out on the web, which can help you get discovered by more potential clients.

Blogs Make You More Authoritative

Blogs are a great opportunity to answer questions or create content that is helpful to exist customers and potential customers. Blog posts like Q&As, How to’s, and FAQ’s are a great way to establish your credibility and authority in your field. The more content that is authoritative, the more trustworthy you seem.

Frequently Searched Keywords Translates to More Clicks

Keywords are really important when it comes to ranking better on search engines. Because page content isn’t put on the site that often, blogs are a great way to use frequently searched keywords. More keywords within your blogs means you are more likely to be found based on the keywords that potential customers search for.

These elements are crucial to building your web presence online in order to gain more leads. At Auto Shop Webmasters, we are able to help by creating original blogs for your website. Interested in original content for your auto shop website? Call us today at 800.377.3068.


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Signs of a Good SEO Company for Auto Shops

Signs of a Good SEO Company for Auto Shops

What is Auto Shop SEO?

Auto shop SEO is a process of refining web content to rank well on Google and other search engines. Auto body companies can rank their website, blog posts, business listings, and social profiles on search engines. The main goal of SEO is to produce auto repair leads for your business. Other benefits include branding, reputation management, and conversion rate optimization.

Traits of a Good SEO Company

Now you know what auto shop SEO is. But how do you find a company that can help? The best way is through Google search. Search for terms like “auto shop SEO” or “auto repair SEO.” The search results will provide some good candidates to choose form. Vetting each possible choice through online research ensures you make a prudent decision. Let’s check out some things to look for:

They Rank High on Google

Any company expected to rank your website should rank their own. That’s why searching Google for candidates is a great place to start. The top-ranking companies have proven they can do SEO. Their ranking doesn’t guarantee they will do the same for you, but it shows their capability.

They Have Reviews and Good Reviews

Auto body shops understand the power of reviews. When customers check out your shop, they want to trust other people’s recommendations. They might go to Google, Yelp, or a niche review site to learn more. You should do the same for your SEO company. Don’t trust the reviews on their website, alone. You should consult 3rd party sources like Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, etc.

They Showcase Previous Work

Seeing previous work always helps customers make decisions. Check out the SEO company’s website for a portfolio. You’ll want to see websites from other auto body shops to give you peace of mind. Your website is a representation of your business and a reflection of your values. SEO makes your website rank higher, but it won’t matter if you fail to impress incoming traffic.

They Understand Your Niche

Many SEO firms work with every kind of business. Though this doesn’t eliminate them from a list of candidates, it reduces their focus on your industry. Companies that focus on the auto body industry are more likely to help you succeed online. They understand what Google looks for out of auto shop websites. Not every industry has the same route to SEO success. Marketing companies who understand this, are more likely to help you.

They Offer Affordable Pricing Plans

SEO should not break the bank. Don’t be fooled by marketers who say their services require $2,000 per month. These firms don’t understand the simplicity of effective SEO. Auto body businesses don’t need everything a Fortune 500 company will. Look for services that offer an affordable monthly plan. You can pay as little as $300 per month or as much as $1,500. It depends on your needs and goals. But don’t ever pay more than $1,500.

They Don’t Trick You Into Long-Term Contracts

Beware of marketing firms who tie you in the long-term. Yearly contractors can quickly become a nightmare for auto shop companies. When the marketer fails to deliver results or meet expectations, you are stuck in the agreement. At Auto Shop Webmasters, we recommend monthly payment plans. You should have the freedom to cancel services at any time. This way, you keep the pressure on the marketing company to deliver results each month.

Moving Forward With an SEO Company

Once you find a company that meets each of the criteria above, you can move forward. SEO can take 30-90 days to kick in, depending on your existing online presence. Websites that have been up for years will see changes more quickly than brand-new domains. Don’t worry about rankings in the first 3 weeks since Google may not have even crawled your site yet. You can always invest in PPC with Google Ads to get leads while you wait.

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4 Reasons Why Mobile Optimization is Essential to Your Business Website

Whether people like it or not, the age of the smartphone is here to stay. Every day we use our phone in some capacity: looking at a social media site or setting an alarm, our phones are very useful in more ways than one. Because people are constantly using their phones, it’s important that businesses begin focusing on mobile optimization. Here are four reasons why mobile optimization is essential to your business.

4 Reasons Why Mobile Optimization is Essential to Your Business Website

It’s Super Convenient

Being able to search for a business in my city is convenient. No longer do people have to get on a desktop to search for a particular business within their city. Having mobile optimization for your website will make it easier for potential customers to look at your site on the go.

You Can Strengthen Your SEO Ranking

Because mobile optimization is such a big part of getting your business’s name out there, websites who use this type of optimization tend to rank better than sites who don’t use mobile optimization.

Set Your Site Apart From The Competition

While it’s becoming more popular to use smartphone optimization, there are still a lot of company websites who don’t use it. Mobile optimization will be able to set you apart from competitors.

Can Be Supported on Many Devices

Smartphone optimization makes it easy to search for your website on a number of platforms like smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

If you would like more information on SEO services for your auto mechanics website, give Auto Shop Webmasters a call at 800.377.3068 today!

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How Responsive Websites Make The Difference

Photo of responsiveWe live in the age of technology. Nowadays, any service or knowledge imaginable is available to a consumer simply through a search. With a swipe, they can find auto shops, check reviews, and get contact information to set up appointments. While auto shops have made the leap to internet marketing through websites, it can be hard to keep up with all of the advances and changes in technology. New phones and tablets come out every year, allowing customers to find information on the go. With different screen sizes, resolutions and quality, your website can look very different than how it appears on a PC. How do you ensure your potential auto shop customers see your website as the best?

Responsive design is the answer to the advancements of tablets, smart phones, and more. With responsive design, your auto repair website is flexible to any system it is being viewed on. This means you will not have to sacrifice appearance or content that could have proven valuable and decision making for a customer. Your website will adjust itself, responding to your customer’s viewing preference and giving them the information you need to share. For search engines, this means that your auto shop is always accessible.

Properly Coded, Responsive Web Design For You

At Auto Shop Webmasters, we create professional, properly coded web designs for your auto shop. Web design is a crucial factor for SEO and can play a huge role in your page ranking with search engines. With an unique web design and SEO content, we can improve your search engine ranking. Want to learn more on how responsive web design can help your auto repair internet marketing? Call Auto Shop Webmasters today at 800.377.3068!

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