SEO for Auto Shops in University Place, WA

If you’re having a hard time driving business — no pun intended — to your auto repair shop, consider how effectively you’ve harnessed the power of internet marketing to work for you. Many shops have a website, which is a good start, but that alone won’t attract business as customers search online for repairs and services locally. Why not? In order for customers to actually see your website, it’s got to be at the top of the search results. Rarely do viewers venture beyond the first few pages of results, so if you don’t know how to get in the upper rankings, you’ll be overlooked. Auto Shop Webmasters focuses on delivering web design and quality content for mechanics that will actually help them move up as search engines like Google recognize a strong, trustworthy web presence. To learn more about what SEO for auto shops in University Place, WA takes and how it can benefit your shop, give us a call at 800.377.3068!

Consider This…

University Place, Washington is home to 32,282 individuals. Out of the 28,376 locals who are on the web in University Place, 14,472 (51%) are searching the internet from their smartphones. So what does this mean for your business? It means that having a website that loads quickly and is responsively designed will go a long way in reaching this audience!

Consider, too, that half of mobile searches are for nearby services, and over 60% of those inquiries resolve with a transaction of some sort. This is a big deal for local businesses! In light of this fact, your internet marketing must include mapping for the local area so that these consumers can find you as they search online.

85% (27,440 people in University Place, WA) rely on web searches to locate products and service providers, and it’s hard to ignore the impact of social media on the search process given that 14,850 (46%) consumers in University Place, WA consider these platforms as they narrow down their options.

All of these facts point to the importance of having solid social media coverage and effective internet marketing in place! With nearly 28,376 (87.9%) people in University Place, WA searching online, it’s vital that your SEM strategy appeals to those potential customers and gets you noticed.

The Role of Content in Internet Marketing

We’ve all seen websites that look OK, but don’t contain any information that is useful. Or worse, some sites just repeat the same content on every page and simply mix up images. These aren’t helpful, and ultimately that is what will hurt them when it comes to search rankings. You can’t push junk out to the internet and expect to have high rankings.

We focus on delivering strong content that is actually meaningful to customers who are looking for auto repairs and services in your area. This provides a positive viewer experience, which is ultimately what Google is looking to foster as they assess the millions of websites out there for relevance in responding to search queries. So when your web design is well-constructed, organized, and filled with pages of content that are optimized for auto repairs in University Place, you’ll see a nice placement in those results. The more we build upon that foundation — with local mapping, social media management, review site integration, Google account management, and more — the better your ratings you be, and the more visibility you’ll have to attract customers.

Don’t waste another moment! Call us at 800.377.3068 and let our team go to work for you! Auto shop SEO for University Place, WA is a strong investment that you can’t afford to miss.