Auto Repair SEO In West Valley City, UT And Web Design For Your Auto Company

The next logical step for expanding an auto company’s clientele nowadays is to venture into the world of the internet and create a website. However, every auto company knows that appearances and first impressions are everything in this industry. In order to get your website noticed by auto customers, you need it to perform strongly in the search engines, inform potential customers of your services, and look great. We can help with that. We are experts at creating websites that have top results within Google and optimizing your content using auto repair SEO in West Valley City, Utah. This optimized content will give your website the edge it needs to perform well within Google’s search pages. Our web design team creates an easy to navigate, responsive design for your website. This combination lets search engines and your customers know you are an authority within the field and a professional auto company within your area.

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All Things Google And Structured Data Markups

At Auto Shop Webmasters, we do more than just build your website. When it comes to having an online presence, we put you on the map, literally. Our expert team creates your Google information, allowing your auto shop to be mapped and added to the online directory. What does this do in the long run? When people search for nearby auto shops, the directory and maps pulls your information and provides it to the auto customer.

Structured data markups show up on Google within a block of information to the right of the search results. This block, called a knowledge panel, gives auto company summaries, information, and all the social media profiles associated with the company. The structured data markup allows us to link these social media accounts to the knowledge panel, allowing management of your knowledge panel on the search engine. These are just some of the services we provide you with when you have a website optimized with auto repair SEO in West Valley City, UT from Auto Shop Webmasters.

Local Marketing Facts

West Valley City, Utah is home to 134,495 individuals. Out of the 118,221 locals who are on the web in West Valley City, 60,293 (51%) are searching the internet from their smartphones. So what does this mean for your business? It means that having a website that loads quickly and is responsively designed will go a long way in reaching this audience!

Consider, too, that half of mobile searches are for nearby services, and over 60% of those inquiries resolve with a transaction of some sort. This is a big deal for local businesses! In light of this fact, your internet marketing must include mapping for the local area so that these consumers can find you as they search online.

85% (114,321 people in West Valley City, UT) rely on web searches to locate products and service providers, and it’s hard to ignore the impact of social media on the search process given that 61,868 (46%) consumers in West Valley City, UT consider these platforms as they narrow down their options.

All of these facts point to the importance of having solid social media coverage and effective internet marketing in place! With nearly 118,221 (87.9%) people in West Valley City, UT searching online, it’s vital that your SEM strategy appeals to those potential customers and gets you noticed.

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