North Richland Hills, TX Auto Shop SEO & Web Design

Is your auto shop struggling to get enough business to keep your team of mechanics busy?  Are you getting great reviews and customer feedback but still can’t get your shop to show up in internet searches locally? We understand that search engine rankings play a huge role in your ability to attract potential customers in your service area as they search for auto repairs. In fact, that’s exactly the services that we offer to you: auto shop SEO for North Richland Hills, TX. Our search engine optimization services are delivered by a team of experts who know just what it takes to help a shop go from invisible to prominent in search results. Because this is how customers are finding service providers, SEO is an investment that you can’t afford to skip!

Local Marketing Facts

North Richland Hills, Texas is home to 68,529 individuals. Out of the 60,237 locals who are on the web in North Richland Hills, 30,721 (51%) are searching the internet from their smartphones. So what does this mean for your business? It means that having a website that loads quickly and is responsively designed will go a long way in reaching this audience!

Consider, too, that half of mobile searches are for nearby services, and over 60% of those inquiries resolve with a transaction of some sort. This is a big deal for local businesses! In light of this fact, your internet marketing must include mapping for the local area so that these consumers can find you as they search online.

85% (58,250 people in North Richland Hills, TX) rely on web searches to locate products and service providers, and it’s hard to ignore the impact of social media on the search process given that 31,523 (46%) consumers in North Richland Hills, TX consider these platforms as they narrow down their options.

All of these facts point to the importance of having solid social media coverage and effective internet marketing in place! With nearly 60,237 (87.9%) people in North Richland Hills, TX searching online, it’s vital that your SEM strategy appeals to those potential customers and gets you noticed.

Internet Marketing for Auto Repairs

Organic SEO is one of the most effective ways to encourage growth for your auto shop, but many business owners assume this just means having a website. Sure, that’s a start, but there are many other details and techniques that differentiate those who are on the first page of search results versus those who are still pages behind.

Internet Marketing for auto repairs in North Richland Hills includes managing all the facets of the online presence for your auto shop so that you look authoritative and trustworthy to Google. When you have well-established social media accounts, content that is added regularly (such as blog posts), optimized local mapping, and consistent citations so your information on the web is streamlined, you become the kind of business that search engines promote locally. When a potential customer searches for auto repairs in your city, you’ll be matched as a relevant, strong response to that need, and your position will increase month by month.

Get Those Clicks Working for You

Consumers who find you in search results and click to view your website are much more likely to call for the auto services they need. With our approach to North Richland Hills, TX SEO for auto shops, you’ll get more and more visibility as time goes on. We actively manage your accounts and site every month so that you optimize well and continue to see growth. Call us at 800.377.3068 to get started and see what organic SEO can accomplish for your bottom-line!