Auto Repair SEO For Columbia, SC Mechanics

Do you have a website for your auto repair, but it’s not performing well? It may be time for a full redesign of your auto repair website. When redesigning a website, you have to make sure your website is acceptable to the middle-man of all internet information: search engines. We are experts at creating websites that perform well with Google and move up in the search results. Our auto repair SEO content and responsive web design allows for your website to be accessed and understood for Columbia. We design our auto company’s websites to be adaptable to any browser format, from tablet to PC. Our content utilizes keywords for the automotive repair field, and is optimized to ensure that the best auto repair SEO for Columbia, SC is used on your website.

If you are interested in redesigning your auto company’s website, let our team go to work for you! Give us a call today at 800.377.3068. We do not require any long term contracts and offer free consultations on auto repair SEO in Columbia, SC.

Interesting Market Facts

Columbia, South Carolina is home to 132,067 individuals. Out of the 116,087 locals who are on the web in Columbia, 59,204 (51%) are searching the internet from their smartphones. So what does this mean for your business? It means that having a website that loads quickly and is responsively designed will go a long way in reaching this audience!

Consider, too, that half of mobile searches are for nearby services, and over 60% of those inquiries resolve with a transaction of some sort. This is a big deal for local businesses! In light of this fact, your internet marketing must include mapping for the local area so that these consumers can find you as they search online.

85% (112,257 people in Columbia, SC) rely on web searches to locate products and service providers, and it’s hard to ignore the impact of social media on the search process given that 60,751 (46%) consumers in Columbia, SC consider these platforms as they narrow down their options.

All of these facts point to the importance of having solid social media coverage and effective internet marketing in place! With nearly 116,087 (87.9%) people in Columbia, SC searching online, it’s vital that your SEM strategy appeals to those potential customers and gets you noticed.

Web Service When You Need It

Our team continues maintenance with your website even after launch. Our content team creates blog posts that are optimized and link back through your auto repair websites services. We monitor your links throughout the website. As a step in our auto repair SEO process, we go through existing links to ensure they are valid and then check every month to make sure they remain so. While this may seem like a small measure, it is actually extremely important to search engines. An auto repair website riddled with bad links will lead to Google penalties.

Our teams verify locally used keywords for Columbia and optimize your website based on these words. This simple action creates a web-presence within your area, and causes your page to perform well. And these are just some of the services we provide for your auto repair website post launch. To get started today, call us at 800.377.3068 to receive your free consultation and hear what auto repair SEO for Columbia, SC can do for you.