Auto Shop Internet Marketing In Summerville, SC

Most auto repair owners do not realize having auto shop internet marketing in Summerville, South Carolina means more than just having a website. At Auto Shop Webmasters, we look at the long haul with you for both your auto shop website and online presence. We do not just create your website and leave after launch. Our teams provide monthly maintenance services and traffic monitoring, making small changes to the website. All changes are designed to improve your ratings with Google and other search engines. We keep all of your local keywords and SEO up to date to make sure your auto repair website is always fresh and trending.

Give us a call today at 800.377.3068 for a free consultation  on how our team can improve your auto company’s website through organic SEO and auto shop internet marketing in Summerville, SC.

Trends Within Your Marketing Area

Summerville, South Carolina is home to 46,974 individuals. Out of the 41,290 locals who are on the web in Summerville, 21,058 (51%) are searching the internet from their smartphones. So what does this mean for your business? It means that having a website that loads quickly and is responsively designed will go a long way in reaching this audience!

Consider, too, that half of mobile searches are for nearby services, and over 60% of those inquiries resolve with a transaction of some sort. This is a big deal for local businesses! In light of this fact, your internet marketing must include mapping for the local area so that these consumers can find you as they search online.

85% (39,928 people in Summerville, SC) rely on web searches to locate products and service providers, and it’s hard to ignore the impact of social media on the search process given that 21,608 (46%) consumers in Summerville, SC consider these platforms as they narrow down their options.

All of these facts point to the importance of having solid social media coverage and effective internet marketing in place! With nearly 41,290 (87.9%) people in Summerville, SC searching online, it’s vital that your SEM strategy appeals to those potential customers and gets you noticed.

Your Complete Web Solutions

From web design to monthly upkeep, we offer you a complete solution for creating and maintaining a web presence for your auto shop. Our goal is to help your auto website move up in Google search results and become successful. Our passion is helping local auto shops get the best out of their website using organic SEO and local keywords. Contact us at 800.377.3068 and let us get started on your new auto repair website today!

Perfect Content

Part of our auto shop internet marketing in Summerville, SC is ensuring your website has excellent auto repair content. Content is one of the first things search engines scan to see where to place your website. These search engines absolutely prefer original and informative content to a paragraph copied from an auto distributor’s website. Our content writing team writes every piece of content by hand, using local keywords for auto shops and organic SEO to enhance the text. We follow Google’s guidelines to building an excellent auto repair website and content for the best results.

Speaking of auto repair websites, our web design team also plays a huge role in your website’s performance within search results. If there is one thing search engines hate, it is websites that are sloppy, hard to navigate, and take forever to load. Our design team properly codes and creates a unique design specially for your website. This web design is considered responsive, which means it is visible from any browsing device. If you need a logo design as well, no worries. Our design team can work with you to create the perfect, timeless logo for your company and incorporate it into your online design.