5 Red Flags of a Bad SEO Company

The Warning Signs of Bad SEO

warning signLast week we discussed the importance of hiring an SEO company to run your internet marketing campaign. However, many auto shop owners have been burned in the past by bad SEO companies are are leery of signing up with another one. It is important to employ a company that practices proper SEO according to the guidelines of Google. Otherwise, you will pay the price long term with a penalized domain name. The following are the warning signs of bad SEO. Take heed of these five red flags of a bad SEO company.

#1: Promises they cannot keep

making promisesIf the company you are talking to begins to promises you things that seem too good to be true, they may be lying to you. One of the number one promises that is impossible to keep is guaranteeing you a #1 ranking on Google. No one can guarantee this position. Be skeptical of a company that offers more than seems reasonable.

Bottom line: A good SEO company will have a realistic goal in mind for your site. They should have a detailed outline of how they will build your web presence, not vague, lofty promises.

#2: Guarantees of hundreds of new inbound links

old chain linksA lot of SEO companies try to shortcut the system by building hundreds, even thousands of inbound links overnight for your website. The problem with that tactic is that those inbound links come from illegitimate sources like link farms, fake directories, fake forums, spam sites and more. Google is wise, they will quickly pick up on the falsity of these links.

Bottom line: You will pay the price for this, not the SEO company. Bad inbound linking can permanently damage your domain name if left unattended for too long. If you think your site is being hurt by illegitimate links, talk to us right away.

#3: Poor content management plan

blog and content managementBad SEO companies will frequently recycle their content across multiple sites. This will severely hurt your rankings as Google is smart enough to pick up on copied content. Your website needs to have completely original, relevant content to succeed.

Bottom line: Ask about their content management plan. If it doesn’t involve new pages of original content and the ongoing addition of original content to a blog, kindly pass on their services.

#4: A lack of transparency

business portfolioAsk to see a portfolio of their previous auto shop clients. If they are unwilling to show you one and seem hesitant to reveal very much about their current clients, be wary. A bad SEO company will not want you to see their work for fear you will see through their lies.

Bottom line: If a company provides outstanding SEO services, they will want to showcase their current client base.

#5: Asking for a long term agreement

handshake agreementBad SEO companies will often require long term agreements. Why do they ask for long contracts? Because they recognize the results they provide will not be enough to keep you around. However, this will leave you in a terrible position when you are still paying for services that are not delivering the results you need.

Bottom line: Stick to a company like ours that allows you to remain on a month to month basis. Because we provide high quality SEO services, we know our results will ensure you stick around, not a signed contract.

Keep in mind these five red flags of a bad SEO company as you navigate the waters of internet marketing. And call us anytime for a free consultation for your auto repair shop.